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The Designated Survivor Designates Possible Non-Survivors

President Kirkman makes a career out of agonizing over the men he puts in harm's way. 2016.10.26S01.E05

The Designated Survivor Has More Crises To Survive

But Tom Kirkman is finally laying down some presidential smack. 2016.10.13S01.E04

Helen Hunt Jumped Out A Window In An Anti-Drug Film

Y'all already knew that happened...but did you know Diana 'Mommie Dearest' SCARWID's in this joint? 2016.01.11

Does Anyone Get Out Of Harlan Alive?

Justified ends its manhunt, and its run, with a few final surprises and some very satisfying departures. 2015.04.14S06.E13

Justified Starts Mapping Out The Path To The Finale

And some detours are REALLY unexpected. 2015.03.24S06.E10

Are There Really Some Problems You Can't Kill Your Way Out Of?

Avery Markham's best-laid plans for Harlan should have probably taken Raylan Givens into account. 2015.02.24S06.E06

Ava Gets Caught Between A Rock And Some Hardware

As the reality of her situation closes in, Raylan realizes it'll take a village to keep Ava from putting herself in really serious danger. 2015.02.17S06.E05

Banding Together

Scarlett gets over her performance anxiety in style. 2014.12.04S03.E09

On The Cover Of The Rollin' Stone

Rayna feels the thrill, but at what price? 2014.11.13S03.E07

Most Logos

On the season's snappiest Nashville yet, the CMA announcements threaten to drive a wedge between Rayna and Luke...if the onscreen branding doesn't crush them first! 2014.10.30S03.E06

Baby Daddies

Avery finds out his boys can swim. But he's not the only one. 2014.10.23S03.E05

Winning The Harlan County Marathon

Monty is caught up on Justified. If he's very lucky, new episodes will start airing soon! 2014.01.07

A Very Justified Christmas

Mags is gone, but criminals of Harlan County continue to be colorful and just a bit too dumb to provide a credible threat. 2013.12.17


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