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On The Wings Of (The City Of) Angels: Your Law & Order: Los Angeles Power Rankings

Whose career was the most blessed after the single-season spin-off? 2017.01.10

Personal Heartbreak Doesn't Dampen Zoey's Wit

Ike might be shipping out of All Saints...but thank god Nurse Jackie's not losing its best asset. 2014.05.25S06.E07

From You, All Right? I Learned It From Watching You!

Can Nurse Jackie get away with a MAJOR coincidence? 2014.05.18S06.E06

Does Nurse Jackie Need One Less Kid?

Mark asks this and other tough questions as he ranks the show's characters. 2014.05.09S06.E05

Nurse Jackie Can't Keep A Good Zoey Down

Even a Zoey-light episode gives her a few good lines. 2014.05.04S06.E04

The Wit And Wisdom Of Zoey Barkow

Zoey gets all the best lines in the latest Nurse Jackie. And here they are. 2014.04.27S06.E03

Lord, Grant Jackie The Serenity To Accept The Things She Cannot Change

Is 'being a mostly functioning drug addict' one of those things? 2014.04.13S06.E01


Nurse Jackie caps a very strong fifth season. 2013.06.17S05.E10

Even More To Like About Ike

Oooooooooooh! 2013.06.10S05.E09

Nobody Doesn't Like Plastic Bins

Product placement we can all get behind. 2013.06.03S05.E08

I Like Ike

Who wouldn't? 2013.05.06S05.E04

New York, New York: It's A Hell Of A Town

And one Roger won't soon forget. 2013.04.29S05.E03

War Hearo

If you want to complain about how traumatic this post is for you to read, we're all ears. 2013.04.22S05.E02

A Spoonful Of Sugar

How good is Jackie Peyton at dealing with her problems post-pills? 2013.04.15S05.E01


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