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Claws Prepares To Fake A Royal Wedding For A Real Queen

Going through the nuptial motions causes Desna to fall into a whole new scheme in our latest EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP. 2018.08.05S02.E09

Claws Tries To Cage Desna's Heat

While Desna tries to avoid a long-term entanglement in the carceral state, the rest of the Nail Artisans must absorb shocks of their own. 2018.07.29S02.E08

Claws Plots A Strike Against Zlata

The power struggle between the Dixie Mafia and the Russian Mafia is interrupted by a ghost, a brawl, a proposal, and raining men. We examine 'Vaginalologist' in our latest EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP! 2018.07.08S02.E05

Claws Lets Quiet Ann Make A Lot Of Noise

Quiet Ann narrates a very eventful couple of days in her life in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of 'Scream'! 2018.07.01S02.E04

Claws Sends Gregory And Desna's Relationship Into Rough Waters

In our latest EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP, Desna and Dean finally get their long-promised trip on Gregory's boat, but must also contend with a surprise guest: Gregory's mother. 2018.06.24S02.E03

Claws Adjusts To Life Under New Management

Desna tries to make the best of the new Riva regime with no help from the Hussers in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of the Season 2 premiere! 2018.06.10S02.E01

EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP: Claws Scratches Its Way Through Its Season Finale Showdowns

Who lives? Who dies? Who gets kidnapped? And does everyone make it through with all ten acrylics intact?! 2017.11.08S01.E10

The Final Fourth-Season Fight For Frank

While Sheila and Sammi battle over the man they both unaccountably love, the rest of his kids (mostly) aren't doing so hot. 2014.04.06S04.E12

Lip Meets The Parents

Lip tries to impress a DCFS inspector while unimpressing Amanda's parents, Debbie meets a new love interest, and Fiona goes back into the joint. 2014.03.30S04.E11

Fiona Wakes Up In Rock Bottom, Wisconsin

While Fiona realizes how very very bad an idea it was to go on a bender, Frank goes under the knife for an illegal organ transplant -- also a bad idea, but at least he can say it wan't his. 2014.03.23S04.E10

Have You Ever Been Convicted Of A Felony? If Yes, Give Details.

Fiona is optimistic about getting her life back on track, but she probably shouldn't be. 2014.03.16S04.E09


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