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Why Is Doctor Doctor Still Missing Missing?

Bring back Matt Frewer's really weird sitcom that nobody knows about. 2016.05.31

The In Search Of... Marathon Diary Crackpots Its Last

Aliens, lobotomies, and a skull named Starchild send the ISO MD on its way. 2016.04.20

The In Search Of... Marathon Diary Is The Devil You Know

The boring, histrionic, hamfistedly edited devil and his craptastic James Doohan imitation. #freePileggi 2016.04.13

'Has Anyone Seen The Remote? This In Search Of Season Is Awful.' - Nosferatu.

'Agreed.' - everyone else. Sea serpents, death rays, and unbelievably smurfy try-hards make Sarah D. Bunting long for the sweet sleep of the grave in the latest Marathon Diary. 2016.04.07

The In Search Of Marathon Diary Celebrates The Circle Of Life

And if you are 'in search of' the very embodiment of the term 'budge,' look no further than Season 7. 2016.03.23

The X-Files Limps To The Finish Line

There's filler, and then there's FILLER. 2016.02.23S10.E06

The X-Files Takes A Trip To Texas

When a terrorist needs a mind meld, Mulder's ready to take one ('shroom) for the team. 2016.02.15S10.E05

Escape From X-Files Mountain

Geez, kids can be such a headache sometimes. 2016.01.25S10.E02

The More The X-Files Change, The More They Stay The Same

Conspiracies, spacecraft, and assassinations, oh my! 2016.01.24S10.E01

Who Should Portray Making A Murderer's Primary Players In The Premium-Cable Miniseries?

Sarah D. Bunting's wish list might surprise you. Dun dun DUNN! 2015.12.23S01.E07

Michael Emerson Telekinetically Conjures Up The Brady Bunch Through The Power Of Loneliness

And other more accurate episode loglines for the ninth and final season of The X Files. 2014.08.27

A Half-Man Half-Bat Killer Is On The Loose, As DC Comics Lawyers Watch And Listen Very Carefully

And other more accurate episode loglines for the eighth season of The X Files. 2014.08.20

'Why Is Scully Barely In This Episode?' - The Raven

And other more accurate episode loglines for the seventh season of The X Files. 2014.08.13

J Peterman Creates A Monster Uglier Than The Urban Sombrero

And other more accurate episode loglines for the fifth season of The X Files. 2014.07.30

The Woman Who Had Her Rye Bread Stolen By Jerry Seinfeld, The Principal From Porky's, And Other Olds Take A Wonder Drug

And other more accurate episode loglines for the all-over-the-place second season of The X-Files. 2014.07.03

Judith Light Illuminates Dallas

She's a creepy grandma who flashes her lingerie at drug lords and does a toot herself! She's great! 2014.03.03S03.E02

Look Out, Jackie! He's Irish!

With the Irish putting their money where their guns are and Clay getting the jump on Toric, how Sons-y is the latest episode of Sons of Anarchy? 2013.10.02S06.E04


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