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Cary Courts Disaster

It's finally time for Cary's trial, which means it's also time for Cary to face head-on exactly how weak his case is. 2014.11.24S06.E10

Shoebox Greetings

Prady gives Alicia a shoebox full of Castro's oppo research on her, which has ripple effects on lots of people's...um, affairs. 2014.11.17S06.E09

Voters To Alicia: 'You're Likable Enough'

Alicia lets the participants in a campaign focus group get in her head when she's not assisting a college student trying to get her rapist expelled. Meanwhile, Kalinda gets a tough assignment, and Cary tries to get over himself. 2014.11.10S06.E08

Ready Player...3?

Alicia learns that Castro may not be the only windbag she needs to worry about. 2014.11.03S06.E07

The Courtship Of Elsbeth And Josh

While Alicia's campaign addresses the God issue, in that she doesn't believe in any, Josh and Elsbeth make some progress in their weird flirtation. 2014.10.27S06.E06

Alicia Learns, Apparently For The Very First Time, That Politics Is A Dirty Business

...Has she just been sleepwalking for the past five years? 2014.10.13

When Gloria Steinem Tells A Woman To Do Something, She Kind Of Has To Do It

Which is why Alicia is edging ever closer to running for State's Attorney. 2014.10.06S06.E03

Private (Law) Practice

Taye Diggs comes to The Good Wife to help Diane transition out of the firm she built and also to wear suits with contrasting vests. 2014.09.29S06.E02

Nothing Tests A Friendship Like Trumped-Up Drug Charges

Alicia has kind of a weird few days when Finn prosecutes Cary for moving heroin. (No, not up his butt.) 2014.09.22S06.E01

Like The Man Says, Bitches Stick Together

As long as Fiona and Marie are working together, is there anything they can't do? 2014.01.15S03.E11

When A Witch Hunter's Coming, It's All Hands On Deck

American Horror Story shows unlikely allies pulling together in a crisis. It would be nice, if not for all the murder. 2013.12.12S03.E09

Say It Ain't So, Joe

Your estranged wife sucks at stabbing and your son's a dunce. Pull it together, Cult .45! 2013.04.16S01.E13

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