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Jessica Jones Isn't Likable

...and that's why you should love her. Eve Batey looks back on the season with S01.E13. 2015.12.03S01.E13

Jessica Jones Should Just Avoid Menfolk Always

Maybe she could be better at the hero thing, but no one deserves the crap she gets in S01.E12. 2015.12.02S01.E12

With Friends Like These, Jessica Jones Might As Well...Get Badly Injured

Being a superhero sucks when you lack proper backup. 2015.12.01S01.E10

Is Jessica Jones, In Fact, A Piece Of Shit?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by S01E06 of Jessica Jones! 2015.11.25S01.E06

Ranking Jessica Jones's Victories Against The Patriarchy

While a plot to kidnap Kilgrave goes awry, Jessica is still able to score some major points for Team Sisters Doin' It For Themselves. 2015.11.25S01.E05

Watch A Trailer For DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

TV superheroes new and old are all over Lunch And A Show! 2015.11.24

Meet Jessica Jones's Cage Heat

Can we interest you in a cocktail? 2015.11.24S01.E03

Should You Keep Up With Jessica Jones?

Krysten Ritter plays a superhero with PTSD. Will you find it super or traumatic? 2015.11.20S01.E01

Welcome To The Shallow End Of The Pool

A brief history of craptastical viewing decisions Buntsy has made using a TV Fox-o-Meter she spilled Dr Pepper on in today's Lunch And A Show. 2015.11.13

Jessica Jones Gets A Full Trailer

Plus ITV gets a live Sound Of Music, Showtime gets a game-show model comedy, and Project Runway mounts its penultimate challenge in a very girly Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.23

Will Kalinda Ever Wrap Up The Longest Goodbye?

Alicia's new client's rendition to Chicago's black site gets a brief interruption in the form of Kalinda returning for ten seconds, probably actually for the last time. 2015.05.11S06.E22

Shame Shame, Your Partners Already Got Rid Of Your Name

As Alicia ponders her next move after election-rigging disgrace, Kalinda ponders how to handle the whole Lemond Bishop situation in a fashion that gets as few people murdered as possible. 2015.04.27S06.E20

Chicago's Dirty Politics Shocks Alicia...Again? Somehow?

Alicia is forced to defend her election victory against charges of voting-machine fraud committed on her behalf, with the help of Ron Rifkin's hot shot lawyer Spencer Randolph. Let's hope he's less evil here than he was with another cute TV brunette a few years back. 2015.04.13S06.E19

'The Only Danger She's Facing Is Boredom'

You said a mouthful, Agent Lemond 'Joey' Bishop. Sarah and Poe Head discuss The Following's charisma vacuum, who's the Dean Martin here, and more. 2015.04.07S03.E07

Alicia's Victory Party Is Definitely Over

Cook County's new SA gets about ten seconds of celebration before the job starts to suck. 2015.03.30S06.E17

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Vote

Will Alicia's dreams of State's Attorneyhood get scuttled by Peter's subtle sabotage? Or are those maybe not even actually her dreams at all? 2015.03.23S06.E16

Diane Reunites With Her Secret Weapon

While Diane goes after the designer of a 3D-printed handgun with the help of her hot-ass ballistics-expert husband (or rather, with his help...for a while), Alicia gets a dicey maybe-deathbed request from Louis Canning. 2015.03.16S06.E15

The Good Wife Is Sniffing Glue

Grace is doing it because she's in Alicia's fantasy of her life falling apart now that she's lost her faith. The producers of this episode have no such excuse. 2015.03.09S06.E14

Weird Client Is Still Weird

Colin Sweeney returns to sue a procedural TV show that ripped his case from the headlines, while Alicia decides whether to hold her nose with one hand while taking a huge wad of cash from a homophobe with the other. 2015.03.02

The Brady Violation Bunch

With Cary hours away from going to prison, his legal team discovers that they might be able to withdraw his plea over a Brady violation. Maybe they should tell him? And maybe not. 2015.01.05S06.E11

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