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Which Lady's Working Hardest On Megan's Behalf On The Arrangement?

The Bechdel Test-passingest episode yet is also the one with HOT NOODZ. Let's rank the women in Megan's life according to who's doing most right by her in 'The Leak'! 2017.03.19S01.E03

As The Arrangement Takes Its Romance To Venice, Let's Rank The Signs That Megan Is In Over Her Head

Megan is sent to Europe with instructions about how to comport herself as Kyle's new love interest. Which warnings about this contract should she be paying closer attention to? 2017.03.12S01.E02

Should You Put Your Real Life On Hold For The Arrangement?

E!'s new drama about an A-list actor finding his next wife via audition certainly has no relation to any real stars you've heard of. But should you watch it? 2017.03.01S01.E01

Watch A Trailer For E!'s Thinly Veiled TomKat Drama, The Arrangement

The thing you didn't know you wanted is coming!!! 2016.05.16

We Defy You To Resist The Charm Of This Alias Blooper Reel

Oh yeah? Well: Greg Grunberg beat-boxing. We're done here. 2016.04.13

'Something That Ain't Here'

Rectify begins a few final chapters in the season's penultimate episode. Who's throwing the book at whom? 2015.08.06S03.E05

RSVP For The Pity Party...In My Pants

After combing the internet, we finally found Amantha's (fake) online dating profile! 2015.07.23S03.E03

The Alias Reboot: If Not Now, When(nifer)?

Six reasons why this is the moment to re-open Sydney's Wig Outlet. 2015.07.02

Battle Of The Secret Agent Ladies

Sydney Bristow and Emma Peel both kicked major ass and looked great doing it. But who did it better? 2014.07.09

Future Spy And Secret-Society Series Networks Are Strongly Advised Not To Muck Up With Superfluous Romantical B-Plots

We'll let you monkey with the Mata Hari one, but otherwise, stay out of it. Love, process nerds. 2014.06.12

How Is Emma Going To Cement Herself As 'Part Of The Family'?

And other not-quite-burning questions taking us into the Bates Motel season finale next week. (Murder, right? Probably murder.) 2014.04.29S02.E09

Who's Really To Blame For White Pine Bay's Latest Mysterious Death?

If Emma hadn't told Norma about Norman's blackouts, Norma wouldn't have scuttled his driver's test. But If Cody hadn't told Emma, Norman wouldn't have stomped over to her house. But if Norma.... 2014.04.14S02.E07

Has Norma Officially Passed The Fashion Torch To Emma?

Collecting the most notable looks of the latest Bates Motel. 2014.04.08S02.E06

Pure Hilarity! Pure Norma!

Norma's new best friend introduces her to 'the real White Pine Bay' by inviting her to an elegant garden party! Too bad the brother who used to rape her is hanging around town threatening to ruin everything. 2014.03.18S02.E03


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