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Watch A Trailer For ABC's Gay Rights Miniseries When We Rise

Some good things are still happening in culture. 2016.11.21

Red Between The Lines On The Night Of

A symbology of inconvenient truths as the defense mounts its case. 2016.08.21S01.E07

Methopoly, Sopran-icures, And Joe Kenda, Holiday Ornament: Gifts For The Crime-Show Fan

Lunch And A Show stuffs your stocking (or Better Call Saul tote!) with gift ideas all this week! 2015.12.07

Lunch And A Show: It's Baltimore, Gentlemen

David Simon and deadpan poe-lease. 2015.08.05

Come What Mayhem

If Allstate spokesdick Dean Winters ever steps down, Sarah's got a few ideas for replacing him. 2015.03.27

Sometimes Things Just Gotta Play Hard

The body count skyrockets as your Marathon Diarist hurtles through the second half of The Wire's first season. 2015.01.22

Bad Decisions Never Looked So Good

Omar is the cheese and your Marathon Diarist is the macaroni. 2015.01.15

Please, Mr. Kennedy

While Nucky tries to woo a famous American figure, Chalky and Narcisse find themselves on the opposite ends of the home-invasion game. 2014.09.21S05.E03

Everything In Its Place

After a leisurely premiere, Boardwalk Empire's second episode packs in tons of plot. But what's Matt Debenham's theory about how the series will end? 2014.09.14S05.E02

Here's Your Hat, What's Your Hurry?

With a shorter-than-usual final season, Boardwalk Empire decides it's time to settle in for some flashbacking. 2014.09.08S05.E01

Lt. Addison Montgomery Shoots Her Married Navy Boyfriend Instead Of Learning To Fly An F-14 Properly

And other extremely accurate loglines from Law & Order's eighth season. 2014.03.12

Community's Back!

How do you start the fifth season of a show? How about "from scratch"? 2014.01.03S05.E01

The Man Show

Assessing Boardwalk Empire's oddly shaped, lady-free fourth season. 2013.11.25S04.E12

The End Of Prohibition

See how over it Nucky is? Same with our commentator. 2013.10.14S04.E06

Where's Margaret?

Kelly Macdonald's continuing Boardwalk Empire credit is not just a contractual obligation; it's a clue! 2013.09.30S04.E04

He Will Be Your Valentin

Dr. Valentin Narcisse, that is! His satisfying story and others from last night's Boardwalk Empire. 2013.09.16S02.E04

Sex, Drugs, And Giant Holes

The fourth-season Boardwalk Empire premiere, broken down into mini-stories. 2013.09.09S04.E01

Disorient, Express

Boardwalk Empire's problems -- Lynch-iness; recycling -- eclipse its pluses. 2013.09.06

Strolling Deep

Overly theatrical line readings, an abundance of major characters, and a strong resemblance to another gangster show have slowed the Boardwalk Empire marathon's roll. 2013.09.04

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