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The Leftovers Preaches The Gospel Of Kevin

The prestige show has always left Adam Grosswirth a little cold, but he's warming up to it right before its expiration date. 2017.04.16S03.E01

'What's Next?' Becomes 'What Else?' As The West Wing's Worst Season Slogs On

In spite of her optimism, Marathon Diarist Sarah Hope finds no love for the second half of Season 5 of The West Wing. 2016.10.18

The Designated Survivor Has More Crises To Survive

But Tom Kirkman is finally laying down some presidential smack. 2016.10.13S01.E04

The Designated Survivor Has 99 Problems And Michigan

President Kirkman struggles to hold together a country that's running scared. 2016.09.29S01.E02

Hank From Sirens Rae Carruths His Baby Mama While Lennie Corrects Omar Little's Grammar On Law & Order

And other, more accurate episode summaries from the eleventh season. 2016.08.26

Murder In The First Shoots First, Asks Questions Later

Detective English guns down a suspect who may or may not have been reaching for a gun. And that's only the second-most self-destructive thing he does in this episode. 2016.07.04S03.E02

Blindspot Loves It When A Plane Comes Together

The midseason premiere surfaces a missing aircraft, and some intel about Jane's past. 2016.02.29S01.E11

Head Of The Class

One predatory teacher uses another to catfish a student. Come for the creepy moaning, stay for the Fin stinkfaces! 2016.01.06S17.E10

In Soviet Union, Blindspot Watch YOU

A Russian sleeper cell enters its endgame, Patterson seeks vengeance, and Jane blames herself...possibly correctly. Also, frenching! 2015.11.24S01.E10

Rules Of Engagement

Jane and Weller go undercover to catch a Darknet crime lord, and the show suffers an unacceptable loss. 2015.11.17S01.E09

Insert 'Shots'/'Rounds' Pun Here

After a super-exposition-y episode full of clichéd jurisdictional wrangling, the Blindspot girls tie one on and Buntsy finds herself writing fan-fic. ...Right? 2015.11.10S01.E08

'Well, Maybe You Do Things Wrong.'

A teenage hacker helps crack a case while Jane and Weller try to avoid Doing It until sweeps. 2015.10.27S01.E06

Right Place, Wrong Tomb

A shoot-out in a boneyard establishes Blindspot's Big Bad. 2015.10.20S01.E05

The Tooth Is Out There

The FBI rushes to stop an outbreak; the writers rush to obfuscate backstories on Blindspot. 2015.10.13S01.E04

That's For Damn Shaw

Blindspot answers one question, raises others we may not care about; whether Jane agrees to stay in the car is not one of them, because of course she doesn't, because TV. 2015.10.06S01.E03

Chicago's Dirty Politics Shocks Alicia...Again? Somehow?

Alicia is forced to defend her election victory against charges of voting-machine fraud committed on her behalf, with the help of Ron Rifkin's hot shot lawyer Spencer Randolph. Let's hope he's less evil here than he was with another cute TV brunette a few years back. 2015.04.13S06.E19

Private (Law) Practice

Taye Diggs comes to The Good Wife to help Diane transition out of the firm she built and also to wear suits with contrasting vests. 2014.09.29S06.E02

Twenty-Two Short Films About Mapleton

In a great, packed episode, The Leftovers delves into its pre-Rapture days and fills in a lot of blanks. 2014.08.25S01.E09

Cabin Pressure

The Leftovers goes into the deep, dark woods. How dark does it go? And does it have a map? 2014.08.18S01.E08

Shh! It's In The Bag!

On a Leftovers filled with body bags and missing shirts, what's lost and what's found? And what's Neil getting, Patti? 2014.07.27S01.E05

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