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Part Of The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Are Proud...

...but we won't just leave it at that as we compile the most notable screenshots from S01.E03! 2017.06.23S01.E03

Does I'm Dying Up Here Stand Up To Peak TV Scrutiny?

If you like damaged psyches, fragile egos, and the '70s, Showtime's dramedy may be worth the two-drink minimum. 2017.06.02S01.E01

Our Marathon Diarist Discovers That, In Its Third Season, Louie Finds The Plot

Season 3 adds healthier portions of humour and plot; let's hope it's because Louis C.K. realized it's possible to do that without 'selling out' or whatever. 2016.08.03

Why Is Megan In Such A Rush To Have Kids Have Kids On Wayward Pines?

And other pubescent questions from this week's episode. 2016.06.15S02.E04

Why Is Melissa Leo Such A Tease On Wayward Pines?

And other not-so-burning questions about the latest episode! 2016.06.08S02.E03

Does Donald Trump's Real America Reside In Wayward Pines?

And other marginally interesting questions as the town enters peacetime. 2016.06.01S02.E02

What's The State Of Wayward Pines Under New Management?

And mildly interesting questions from the Season 2 premiere of M. Night Shymalan's sci-fi 'limited series.' 2016.05.25S02.E01

Going All The Way With LBJ

HBO's new historical drama finds a real lack of civility in the fight for civil rights. 2016.05.20

Broad City Teaches Abbi And Ilana A Tough Lesson About Food Co-Op Ethics

And, secondarily, about the importance of high-quality produce to one's GI tract. 2016.02.24S03.E02

Wayward Pines Covers Its Bases, Delivers An Unsatisfactory Season AND Series Finale

Who knew we couldn't trust M. Night Shyamalan? 2015.07.24S01.E10

Will Anyone Make It Out Of Wayward Pines Alive?

With one week left until the finale, and the destruction of titular town at hand, Alex Zeidel weighs everyone's chances of survival. 2015.07.16S01.E09

Don't Be A Reggie In Wayward Pines

Wayward Pines tells us who watches the watchmen, and also what dweebs the watchmen are. 2015.07.09S01.E08

Who's The Biggest Sex Freak of Wayward Pines?

While Ethan races to save his son from an explosive sex truck, Alex Zeidel considers the carnal proclivities of the Waywardians. 2015.07.02S01.E07

It Takes A Village To Run A Village

Wayward Pines takes us backstage to convince us that there's a method to Dr. Pilcher's madness -- and mostly succeeds. 2015.06.25S01.E06

The Truthiness Of Wayward Pines

The Burkes finally figure out what's going on...possibly to the show's detriment. 2015.06.11S01.E05

Battle Of The Terrifyingly Pleasant Town Creeps

Who's secretly the highest honcho in Wayward Pines: Pam, the rule-loving nurse, or Megan, the school teacher/hypnotist with a love for slappin' palms? 2015.06.04S01.E04

Everyone's Just Gonna Be Resurrected In Two Episodes, Right?

And other not-so-burning questions concerning the Burkes' family reunion on Wayward Pines. 2015.05.28S01.E03

A Foolproof Plan, Unless That Fool Is Juliette Lewis

Ethan attempts to escape Wayward Pines again -- this time, with the help of an unstable Scientologist. 2015.05.21S01.E02

Let Homicide: Life On The Street Out Of The Holding Cell

It's time to parole the cult pre-Wire procedural to streaming video. 2013.10.09


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