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Who's Having The Worst Week On Fargo?

Folks up north can cram a lot of misery into just a few hours of daylight. 2017.05.17S03.E05

Before ER, The Cloon Was In E/R

It was a sitcom. Sarah D. Bunting is pretty sure she watched its entire original run. Mistakes were made in the '80s, people. 2016.01.13

Chasing Life's Marrowing Tale Draws To A (Midseason) Close

How well has Chasing Life earned its emotional cliffhanger? 2014.08.12S01.E10

Borgen Casts A Vote For Change

Fictional Denmark goes to the polls as Borgen wraps up an eventful third season. 2013.12.09S03.E10

Can Major Crimes Lock Up A Spot On Sarah's DVR?

She did find the Closer spinoff rather arresting. …Aaaaand she'll let herself out. 2013.12.03


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