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Grey's Anatomy's Fall Finale Has A Sisterly Vibe

Turns out, Owen has one. Or...had one. Meanwhile, Meredith revokes sister-status from Amelia, sending the latter on one mother of a bender (probably). 2015.11.20S12.E08

Grey's Anatomy: The Force Awakens

Meredith decides to hit Penny with the soft bigotry of no responsibilities, Maggie has to explain white privilege to some basics, and Owen's PTSD is back, but mostly GO SEE STAR WARS PLEASE. 2015.11.13S12.E07

Grey's Anatomy Puts Penny On Her Majesty's Seething Service

It's Penny's first day at Grey-Sloan, and she's on Meredith's service, which goes exactly as well as you think it would. Also, April basically becomes a supervillain holding a child hostage so that Jackson will get in the mood to save their marriage. 2015.11.06S12.E06

Six Sense

How The Red Road's short seasons serve its story. 2015.05.07S02.E06

Putting The 'Ass' Back In 'Gaslight'

The Red Road's A-hole list got shorter...but the A-holes didn't get any smaller, JEAN'S A-HOLE MOM. 2015.05.01S02.E05

Dingleberry PD

Harold gets a promotion -- but can he rise in Sarah's Red Road a-hole power rankings? 2015.04.23S02.E04

Harold And Mad

Is Red Road's reluctant cross-jurisdictional partnership just what the show needs? 2015.04.16S02.E03

Always Bet Red

Sarah had it wrong about Julianne Nicholson, who's elevating The Red Road with a thoughtful performance. 2015.04.09S02.E02

Good-Lookin' Bad Seed Seeks Romance, Possible Getaway Driver

We found Kopus's (made-up) online-dating profile. Poke him today! (Gently. That abscess is pretty painful.) 2015.04.02S02.E01

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