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Is Better Call Saul's Fan Service Making Its Short Season Too Long?

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks Better Call Saul could be spending its time more wisely. 2017.05.16S03.E06

Better Call Saul Proves Once Again That Bad People Can Make Good Managers

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks Better Call Saul is making a strong case that just because you're a 'villain' by some standards doesn't mean you can't also be an inspiring leader! 2017.05.02S03.E04

Who's The Real Pigf...ornicator On Better Call Saul?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by 'Rebecca.' 2016.03.15S02.E05

The Affair Has A Bad Heir Day

Sure, Helen's hairdo is a mess at the end of her no-good, terrible day. But the only thing messier is Noah's relationship with the members of his immediate family, who all have the good sense to despise him. 2015.10.25S02.E04

Is Kings Worthy Of A Restoration?

Catching up with the mostly-buried first season of a show that was greenlit a few years too soon. 2015.03.31

Unlawful Carny Knowledge

If Jim Gordon goes to the circus, you can bet someone's getting murdered there. 2015.02.17S01.E16

Ask A Weird Old Magician

Who's better at career and relationship advice than a creepy old magician? No one, that's who! 2015.01.24S01.E10

Rayanne's Mom And The Greek Are Running A Sweatshop

And other memorable moments from Law & Order's third season. 2013.10.18