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The Americans Teaches A Massachusetts Mom A Tough Lesson About The Limits Of Personal Reinvention

Elsewhere, Oleg's food investigation inches forward, and one of your faves comes back for a cameo. 2017.05.16S05.E11

Dear Diary, Is This Season Of The Americans Ever Going To Get Started?

Paige gets her grubby mitts back on Pastor Groovyhair's diary and does not like what she reads, Tuan escalates hostilities toward Pasha, Philip has a weird surprise for his 'wife,' and it all feels like hiking through wet cement. 2017.05.09S05.E10

The Americans Find Out How Their Socialist Friend Has Been Socializing

Mrs. Morozov may not actually go to a pot luck, but she does get lucky. 2017.04.25S05.E08

The Americans Tries Shrinking Another Head

Elizabeth's new op has her looking into a psychiatrist -- which is kind of convenient, since she has some things she might want to talk about. (Obliquely.) 2017.04.11S05.E06

Tracking Down His Distant Dad Isn't Child's Play For Mischa On The Americans

As The Centre interferes with a much-desired meeting, Ben gives Elizabeth some bad news -- but it's over s'mores, so it could be worse. 2017.04.04S05.E05

The Americans Land In A New Op

When Elizabeth and Philip aren't in airline drag for a job they're working on a recent Soviet emigré, they're trying to keep Paige from losing her mind. 2017.03.07S05.E01

Will Watching Sneaky Pete Make You Feel Like You've Been Conned?

...Because this Amazon drama is about a con man. 2017.01.12S01.E01

The Americans Hit The (Berlin) Wall

In which Elizabeth tries to treat her stress with cinema and self-help but ultimately falls back on a proven (bloody) classic. 2016.05.04S04.E08

Paige Wins The Super Bowl Of Treachery On The Americans

And you know what happens when you win the Super Bowl: you're going to Disney World! Specifically, the brand-new just-opened Epcot Center! Yep, that's the plan! 2016.03.30S04.E03

Will High Risks Pay Off With Huge Rewards On The Good Wife?

This refers both to Veronica's swindling by a smooth-talking day trader, and to Alicia's growing commitment to sex with Jason, so at least we know her eyes work. 2016.03.07S07.E16

The Good Wife Tries To Settle Back Into Firm Life, But Will Her Attempt Be Foiled?

Alicia might have thought she was going to have a chill first week back at Lockhart, Agos & Lee. Then that IT guy Howell found a ChumHum tablet prototype. 2016.02.15S07.E14

Rowby Canton Returns To The Good Wife To Get The Old Band Back Together

And when he's not romancing Lucca, the only two law firms in Chicago are battling each other over poaching and re-poaching clients. 2016.01.18S07.E12

The Good Wife Pretends Iowa Doesn't Make Her Want To Barf

Peter is less successful on this score. Elsewhere, a David Lee maneuver might screw Howard over, and the partners' racism goes under the state's microscope. 2016.01.11S07.E11

Who Should Portray Making A Murderer's Primary Players In The Premium-Cable Miniseries?

Sarah D. Bunting's wish list might surprise you. Dun dun DUNN! 2015.12.23S01.E07

Battle Of The Love Lives Of Two Former Colleagues Of Mark Greene

Who's going down in this Harg-Marg-superstar Show Down between the romantic achievements of Olivia Benson and Alicia Florrick? Spoiler: Chris Noth, probably. 2015.12.18

Eli Messes With The Good Wife's Love Life One Time Too Many

A lot of people seem to want to kill each other this week, but only one of them might actually do it. 2015.12.14S07.E10

Big Data, Big Discovery

Allegations of racist business practices against ChumHum pit Alicia against her old firm. Who will win -- or, given the subject matter, 'win'? 2015.11.30S07.E09

The Good Wife Finds Herself In A DILF Sandwich

Alicia also has a case involving a driverless car, but that's a lot less interesting. 2015.11.15S07.E07

Eli's Evil Plan Risks Entirely Predictable Collateral Damage On The Good Wife

Maybe he should talk to one of the summer intern applicants Lockhart Agos Lee didn't hire. She's got some good ideas for how to be bad. 2015.11.09S07.E06

The Good Wife Gets Schooled -- For-Profit-Schooled, That Is

Lucca brings Alicia a client who's being harassed by her student loan collector, but there turns out to be more to her story, including a new way for Eli to screw over Ruth. 2015.11.02S07.E05

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