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Better Call Saul Tries To Talk Things Through

Mike develops a theory about one of his fellow support-group grievers, while Jimmy develops a plan for marketing cell phones to a specific kind of customer in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of 'Talk.' 2018.08.27S04.E04

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Introduces Amy's Dad, But Where Does He Rank Among The Squad Members' Loved Ones?

What better way to celebrate a holiday than by pitting relatives against each other? 2016.11.22S04.E07

Gina Linetti Is Fabulous By Breakfast

That's why she's a boss. 2015.03.01S02.E17

Sgt. Terry's Broken Windows Policing Starts With Street Performers

Don't step to Sgt. Terry in a dance-off no matter how silver you are. 2015.02.16S02.E16

...The Big Banging Theory?

Masters and Johnson are filmed for a CBS documentary. Guess which one of them sucks at that, too? 2014.09.21S02.E11

Christine Baranski And Marc Evan Jackson Are From Buffalo By Way Of 1935 Connecticut

Tara's not a crackpot; she just wonders where these Buffalonian performers' beautiful accents come from? 2014.02.13

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Teaches Us How To Attend Adult Parties

Step one: bring a bottle. Of something. 2014.02.05S01.E16

Make Kroll Show Your New Sketch Obsession

How else are you going to learn all about Gigolo House? 2014.01.14S02.E01


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