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This Is Us Shows The Value, And The Price, Of Enormous Personal Sacrifice

Is making us cry this much 'The Right Thing To Do'? 2017.01.11S01.E10

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This Is Us Gets Us High On Life

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This Is Us Makes The Most Of Career Day

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How This Is Us Is Actually Us

If you feel like someone just read your emotional scrapbook to the world, you're not alone. 2016.10.25S01.E05

This Is Us Jumps Into The Deep End Of The Pool

Tackling issues of race, class, identity, insecurity, history...ALL OF IT. 2016.10.18S01.E04

Does This Is Us Plan To Make Us Cry Time After Time?

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Watch Mandy Moore Talk About The Big This Is Us Twist On Watch What Happens Live

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Did This Week's This Is Us Twist Surprise You?

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Is This Is Us Too Much Us Or Just Enough?

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Stamos Faces Valderrama In The Battle Of The Fox Flop Comeback Kids

Two stars of Fox shows cancelled in their freshman seasons get series regular gigs on returning shows. Which wins the week? 2016.06.17

Oscar, Meet Emmy

Some lucky movie is going home with a Best Picture Oscar Sunday, but that's just Step One in the inevitable march to EGOT greatness. Here's how each would-be Osar winner can make the move to the boob tube. 2015.02.20

Have Red Band Society's Charms Grown Any More Contagious?

Checking back in on the pediatric melodramedy just in time for tween megastar Bella Thorne to show up...and for Fox to, essentially, cancel it. Literally. An hour before the publication of this post. 2014.11.26S01.E09

Dance Like Demons

If you can't dance like a demon, you can at least dress like one, right? 2014.07.31S11.E10

Don't Stop Now! More Live Musicals!

Five more musicals that deserve the live-TV treatment despite The Sound Of Music Live!'s mixed outcome. 2013.12.06

How Long Did It Take Us To Drop Out Of High School USA?

It's only ten minutes long, and yet...that might be too long. 2013.07.22S01.E01