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The Bad Guys On Agents Of SHIELD Were Bad Guys After All

Monty Ashley isn't a crackpot. He just thinks obvious storylines aren't improved by talking about how obvious they are. 2017.01.11S04.E09

Ask Agents Of SHIELD's Magical Robot

Putting the 'aid' back in 'Aida' with an advice column on everything from physics to franchise consistency! 2016.12.07S04.E08

Agents Of SHIELD Finally Gets To The Firework Factory

Old friends meet new friends, whatever, the important part is the giant colorful explosions. 2016.10.19S04.E04

Agents Of SHIELD Turns Out The Lights

A series of blackouts leaves everyone in shadow, especially the bad guys. 2016.10.12S04.E03

Agents Of SHIELD Gets Supernatural

A guy who sold his soul to the devil is fighting ghosts. Luckily for him, all the ghosts are flammable. 2016.09.28S04.E02

Agents Of SHIELD Ghost Rides The Whip

There are actual comic book characters within this show now. About time, too. 2016.09.21S04.E01

Is This The Last Of Galavant?

Once again, cancellation seems imminent. So is the finale up to snuff? 2016.01.31S02.E09

Nobody On Galavant Needs Princess Isabella

Let's get her expendable butt out of here! 2016.01.17S02.E05

Shirtless Hunks And Saucy Songs: Galavant Literally Has It All

Let's all start watching ABC's silly musical comedy! 2015.12.31S02.E01

We'll Miss You, Ineffectual King Richard!

If this is the end of Galavant, then at least it ends well. 2015.01.25S01.E07

Is Galavant A Quest Worth Taking?

This musical miniseries wants to be Spamalot, and it basically succeeds! 2015.01.02S01.E01


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