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When's The Best Time To Party In Black Mirror's San Junipero?

If you could spend the rest of eternity reliving one year over and over again, which one would you choose? That's probably not the takeaway message Black Mirror was aiming for with S03.E04, but dammit, it's what we're going with. 2016.10.26S03.E04

The Dream Of The '90s Is Alive On Halt And Catch Fire

Halt And Catch Fire ends its third season -- but, inexplicably, not its series run -- with the true centerpiece of the show left on the outside looking in. 2016.10.11S03.E10

Who's The Biggest Baby On Halt And Catch Fire?

Cameron's bummed about going home again, Donna's bummed about butting heads with Cameron, Joe's bummed about a possible health scare, and Gordon is...his usual self. Quite a collection of sadsacks we've got on this show. 2016.09.13S03.E05

Is Halt And Catch Fire's Boz Well?

The normally awesome John Bosworth mopes his way through this episode. Then again, everyone's a bit unhappy except Gordon, and isn't it weird to read that sentence? 2016.09.06S03.E04

Idealism Battles Capitalism For The Soul Of Joe's Antivirus Software On Halt And Catch Fire

Ryan discovers that Joe may not be a great guy, while Diane discovers that Boz definitely is. 2016.08.31S03.E03

No Means No On Halt And Catch Fire

Donna and Cameron can't get a VC to say yes to their latest plans. Ryan can't get Joe to hire him. And Gordon just can't catch a break. 2016.08.23S03.E02

Is Halt And Catch Fire Living the California Dream?

The state may have changed -- we've swapped Texas out for California -- but Donna and Cameron are still struggling to build a business, Gordon's still a sadsack, and Joe's still a creeping menace. 2016.08.22S03.E01

Mutiny Makes A Big Move In Halt And Catch Fire's Season Finale -- Or Is That Series Finale?

The Mutiny gang is moving to California and inexplicably taking Gordon with them. But will there sill be a show waiting for them by the time they land? 2015.08.02S02.E10

Halt And Catch Fire Forgets Where It Parked Gordon

While the Mutiny gang connives to find a way to pull its business out of the crapper where Westgroup left it, Gordon spends the episode quite literally going around in circles in a parking garage that doubles as a metaphor for what's become of his character. 2015.07.26S02.E09

Joe Gets OutJoed, So Mutiny's Company Picnic Is Ruined

Because nature abhors a vacuum, Joe's unexpected show of conscience in last week's episode means that there's a new Joe in town. And he turns out to be the biggest Joe who ever Joed, which means Mutiny is totally Joed over. 2015.07.19S02.E08

Mutiny Attracts A Buyer, But Is Buyer's Remorse Soon To Follow?

Is it possible to append enough number zeroes to the end of a check to make Cameron want to spend any time around Joe? 2015.07.12S02.E07

Trojan Horseshit

The Mutiny gang decides to trick Joe by building a fake Unix computer capable of running their games. It's a plan so crazy, it just might fail spectacularly! 2015.07.05S02.E06

No Secrets Among Sadsacks

Can you keep a secret? Then you're miles ahead of any of the characters on Halt And Catch Fire. 2015.06.28S02.E05

Reunited, And It Feels So Guh

Could there be a more dysfunctional work relationship than the one Cameron and Donna have forged with their down-in-the-dumps games company? Yes, Joe and Gordon announce. Yes, there could. 2015.06.21S02.E04

You Really Gordoned Things Up

Everyone on Halt And Catch Fire who didn't horribly bungle things on this week's episode, take one step forward. Not so fast, Gordon! 2015.06.14S02.E03

You're Not The Boss Of Me

Cameron and Donna find it hard to play nice with others, particularly themselves, while Joe settles into a go-nowhere job and Gordon finds himself trapped in a 1980s anti-cocaine PSA. 2015.06.07S02.E02


That show about two dudes trying to build a computer returns, only now the dudes are ladies and the computer is a gaming company. Don't worry -- it's much better this way. 2015.05.31S02.E01

Catch Fire's Blaze Burns Brighter Than Ever

AMC's underrated drama Halt And Catch Fire should be near the top of your to-do list. 2015.05.29

Halt and Catch Fire Signs Out Of Season 1

Roger asks if there's a cool show somewhere in there, worth tying up your phone line and exhausting old computer puns for a second season. 2014.08.04


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