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Sherlock Lets The Dog Have His Day

In the season (series?) finale, Eurus makes our boys jump through some pretty messed-up hoops, and the truth behind Redbeard is revealed. 2017.01.16S04.E03

Sherlock Is Back (In Time)!

For its holiday special, Sherlock makes it actually special by going all the way back to the Victorian era. Cue the hat! 2016.01.02

The Season Squee Finale

In Sherlock's final episode of the season, Sherlock goes through rather more physical trauma than usual. Also: Redbeard revealed! 2014.02.02S03.E03

A Nice Day For A Watson Wedding

Sherlock doesn't let a little thing like murder mar John and Mary's big day. Well, not much, anyway. 2014.01.26S03.E02

Long Live Sherlock Holmes!

After two years of playing dead, Sherlock's getting the gang back together in order to foil an underground terrorist network intent on wreaking havoc on London. 2014.01.19S03.E01

Sherlock Gives Good Hand

Last season on Sherlock, ' A Scandal In Belgravia' finally gave 'shippers a world in which Sherlock falls in love. 2014.01.17S02.E01


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