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Vote For The Best Law & Order Fantasy Draft Team!

The winner gets Buntsy points and a DonorsChoose.org donation! We need YOUR verdict! 2015.12.15

What If The Emmys Quit Being Cute With This Whole 'Leading' And 'Supporting' Business?

Among other things! In Mark Blankenship's fantasy, previous winners get the boot, genres expand, and the size of your role doesn't matter. 2015.07.08

The Best Policy, Tho?

Honestly: is it? 2015.06.30S03.E04

From Russia With Love

A man working in a women's prison who can't relate to women, and a female inmate who can't relate to women. A match made in prison heaven? 2015.06.16S03.E05

A Mother Of An Episode

A handy guide to crying about this week's episode of The Fosters. 2014.07.22S02.E06

Who Are Litchfield Prison's Ten Biggest Bad-Asses?

Ranking Season 2's baddest movers and shakers. Including three Emmy nominees! 2014.07.10

Battle Of The Banjo Ditties

In addition to yuppie female anti-heroes and social commentary, Jenji Kohan also likes banjo(lele)s. 2014.07.03S02.E13

Here's Who Should Strike Up Strange Inmate Friendships In Season 3 Of OITNB

Because if Watson and Yoga Jones can find common ground sticking forks into electrical outlets, there's hope for us all. 2014.06.19

Larry Is A No-Good, Terrible Human

He deserves much worse than a fiery, exploding bag of poop on his doorstep. 2014.06.19S02.E13

OITNB’s New Inmate Is Soso

No, that's her name. 2014.06.10S02.E03

Objection! Down The Shore!

Sarah is not a crackpot for thinking it's time to roll the dice on Law & Order: Atlantic City. 2014.02.20

How Will Callie Self-Sabotage Next?

And other not-quite-burning questions sparked by the latest episode of The Fosters. 2014.02.11S01.E15

Van Buren’s Finally In The House!

Collecting key moments from the fourth season of Law & Order. 2013.10.23

Let's Stay Together

On the eve of their wedding, Stef and Lena tell the foster kids they want to adopt them, and everything is great, until it isn't. 2013.08.06S01.E10

Which Other Law & Order 'Repeat Offenders' Should Show Up Next Season On Orange Is The New Black?

Lorraine Toussaint is a great start, but which other performers should she bring with her? 2013.07.30

Playtime's Over

Shows for kids -- like The Fosters, Switched At Birth, and even Sesame Street -- are covering very grown-up topics 2013.06.25S01.E04


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