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Nashville Deals With Famous People Problems

Life for the Jaymes/Claybourne/Conrad family keeps getting disrupted by Rayna's stalker. What could be more relatable? 2017.02.17S05.E08

Nashville Learns Some Daddy Lessons

Remember those horrible things Maddie said about Deacon last season? Turns out the show does too! 2017.01.12S05.E03

Rectify Prepares To Cross Over

Images of purgatory and death as new beginning in the show's penultimate episode. 2016.12.07S04.E07

Rectify And The Good Death

The best and worst of the latest episode, from A to Zeke. 2016.11.23S04.E05

Road To Redemption

Daniel keeps digging for answers, but Trey (and Foulkes) may have buried him even deeper. 2014.08.08S02.E08

The One-Eyed Dan Is King

Everyone has trouble admitting things to themselves. 2014.07.03S02.E03

Son Rise, Son Set

The men of Rectify grapple with disapproving fathers, alienation, and the food/sex/death Venn. 2014.06.26S02.E02

Doing The Limbo

Daniel's beating leads to unwelcome time travel as his family continues to fray. 2014.06.19S02.E01

On The Sixth Day

Rectify rests after a strong debut season. 2013.05.21S01.E06


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