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American Horror Story's Finale Is Too Much Story For Just One Show

How many TV genres can this spooky tale encompass? Basically all of them. 2016.11.17S06.E10

American Horror Story Tries To Go Viral

A trio of My Roanoke Nightmare bloggers try to up their cred by visiting Hell House in person, because no one told them what happens to bloggers in Ryan Murphy shows. 2016.11.10S06.E09

American Horror Story Meats The Neighbors

While the Polks' captives get tenderized, Dominic and Shelby find new horrors at Hell House. 2016.11.03S06.E08

American Horror Story Cuts Some Cast Members

The events under the Blood Moon get even bloodier, particularly when there's no one around to call 'cut!' 2016.10.27S06.E07

American Horror Story Reboots My Roanoke Nightmare

It starts out as a second season. Then things take a turn for the gruesome! 2016.10.20S06.E06

American Horror Story Adds The Velveteen Touch Of A Dandy Fop

Evan Peters camps things up as the original builder of Matt and Shelby's murder house. Yay! 2016.10.13S06.E05

American Horror Story Finds Fun Ways To Kill Its Most Fun Characters

How long until the actual Lady Gaga starts referring to herself as 'the bitch with the real power'? 2016.10.07S06.E04

A Psychic Cricket Chirps Into The Action On American Horror Story

There's more lost colony backstory, more dismembered pigs, and way more bad news for Lee. 2016.09.29S06.E03

The World's Worst Mom Brings An Adorable Little Girl To American Horror Story's Hell House

Amid Lee's terrible parenting choices, Denis O'Hare shows up -- via videotape -- to tell us more about some of the creeps who formerly owned this joint. They sound fun! 2016.09.22S06.E02

American Horror Story Drops You In A Roanoke Nightmare

And that's why you never buy an 18th-century farmhouse in North Carolina. ...Oh, there are going to be more episodes after this? Cool. Cool cool cool. 2016.09.15S06.E01

American Horror Story: Hotel Throws A Party People Will Be Talking About For Minutes

Most of the cast forgot to RSVP to March's annual Devil's Night Party. Luckily, every serial killer with a Wikipedia page is in town to fill their seats. 2015.10.29S05.E04

The Ballad Of Pepper That No One Asked For

An episode chock-full of flashbacks and flashforwards reveals the origin and ultimate fate of everyone's favorite pinhead (of the two we know). 2014.12.18S04.E10

American Horror Story Closes The Coven Chapter

Looking back on a bewitching season. 2014.01.30S03.E13

If I Live To See The Seven Wonders...

A series of tests determines American Horror Story's new Supreme, but the path to glory is strewn with potholes and piles of dog business. 2014.01.29S03.E13

Winnowing Down The Witches

On the eve of the Seven Wonders test we've been hearing about all season, the list of potential candidates is finalized, and a couple of deserving residents learn the true meaning of 'hell on earth.' 2014.01.22S03.E12

Like The Man Says, Bitches Stick Together

As long as Fiona and Marie are working together, is there anything they can't do? 2014.01.15S03.E11

When A Witch Hunter's Coming, It's All Hands On Deck

American Horror Story shows unlikely allies pulling together in a crisis. It would be nice, if not for all the murder. 2013.12.12S03.E09

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