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Better Call Saul Copes Near Copiers

Kim steps in for Jimmy in the settling of Chuck's estate while Jimmy sells himself as a salesman in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of 'Breathe.' 2018.08.13S04.E02

The Better Call Saul Premiere Brings A Few Things Into Focus

In the aftermath of three emergencies, everyone in 'Smoke' searches for clarity in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of S04.E01. 2018.08.06S04.E01

Everyone's Relationships Are 'Fall'ing Apart On Better Call Saul

Even relationships you wouldn't think could get any worse. 2017.06.13S03.E09

Is Better Call Saul's Fan Service Making Its Short Season Too Long?

Tara's not a crackpot. She just thinks Better Call Saul could be spending its time more wisely. 2017.05.16S03.E06

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore On The Missing

The gripping Season 2 premiere raised a few questions for Sarah D. Bunting -- and not just the ones it intended to. 2017.02.06S02.E01

Yes, Virginia, There Is A Rape Culture

A campus rape story blows up in the media, and then it blows up in the faces of the sex police. 2015.04.02S16.E18

Black Box Is Quite Possibly The Most Thoroughly Awful Pilot Ever Made

Sarah, one of the few survivors of Commando Nanny, does not make this assertion lightly. 2014.04.24S01.E01


The author rewatched the Breaking Bad finale to see if she'd like it any better. 2013.10.01S05.E16

Coming Home

Breaking Bad, and Walt, say their final goodbyes. 2013.09.30S05.E16

Live Free Or Die

Walt relocates to New Hampshire. Seems like it doesn't take. 2013.09.23S05.E15

Dust In The Wind

Walt takes a surprise trip to visit his money in the latest Breaking Bad. 2013.09.09S05.E13

Schraders vs. Whites II: Taco Night

No one wants tableside guacamole. Well, maybe they do, but now is not the time. 2013.08.26S05.E11

Schraders vs. Whites

Fight! Fight! Fight! 2013.08.19S05.E10

In Which Hank Figures Some Stuff Out

And pretty quickly, too! 2013.08.12S05.E09


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