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In The Series Finale, Big Little Lies Reveals All

The TL;DR is basically that girls rule, boys drool. 2017.04.02S01.E07

How Could Big Little Lies's Awkward Dinner Party Get Even More Awkward?

In the penultimate episode of the series, Big Little Lies goes full gross-out. 2017.03.26S01.E06

Should Big Little Lies's Celeste Just Run Away?

And should she take those creepy twins with her? Let's explore this and more questions about 'Once Bitten'! 2017.03.19S01.E05

How Much Free Time Does Big Little Lies's Ed Have On His Hands?

And how much time is the show going to spend on this stupid dinner? Eve Batey has questions! 2017.03.12S01.E04

Is Disney On Ice Worth Strangling A Wife Over On Big Little Lies?

The effects of an absent father's sins are just one of the questions raised in Big Little Lies' third episode. 2017.03.05S01.E03

Could Ed Be Big Little Lies' Mystery Murderer?

Or is he just 'The One'? And other not-quite-burning questions about E02. 2017.02.26S01.E02

Should You Be True To Big Little Lies?

Do you need these desperate housewives on your DVR? 2017.02.17S01.E01

Watch A Teaser Of HBO's New Limited Series Big Little Lies

With an all-star cast, this show focuses on lives unraveling. Should be upbeat! 2016.10.17

Let's Reunite Pairs Of Comedy Aces!

As Mission Control casts two Better Off Ted stars for baaaaaasically the same roles, Tara proposes other comedy duos who should get back together, and where they should do it. 2014.02.21

Make Kroll Show Your New Sketch Obsession

How else are you going to learn all about Gigolo House? 2014.01.14S02.E01

The Next Quiz Show

We're overdue for another awards-bait game-show docudrama. 2013.12.11

Beyond F/M/K

Our commentator details exactly how she'd like to pass time with this year's Emmy-nominated actors and actresses. 2013.07.19

Who Will Our Comedy Lead Emmy Nominees Be?

Mark Blankenship and Joe Reid make educated predictions. 2013.07.17

The Miseducation Of Amy Jellicoe

"Am I an agent of change, or a creator of chaos?" 2013.03.04S02.E08

Dermot Mulroney Is Just Handsoming Around

And why not? He's pretty good at it. 2013.01.14S02.E01


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