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Ask Scandal's Once And Future Secret Agent

Rowan/Eli Pope may be semi-retired from B613, but he's still available to help you with your love life, dinosaur questions, or career advice. 2017.03.17S06.E06

How Did Scandal Get From The Conventions To Election Night?

Since last season moved very quickly from Mellie and Vargas being named their parties' candidates to Election Night, the show takes time this week to fill in some of the backstory, which only raises further semi-burning questions. 2017.02.03S06.E02

White Lines (Don't Do It)

Daphne goes wild and Bay meets a cousin on Switched at Birth. 2014.07.22S03.E17

Barneys Windows, Blue Marilyns, And Caroling To Hotel Maids: Let's Rank The Will & Grace Christmas Episodes!

And let's pour some out for The Bashful Geisha: that Lladró never saw Grace coming. 2013.12.18


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