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The RuPaul's Drag Race Queens Gag For Gaga

And Gaga herself proves she could be a professor at the Fashion Institute in the Season 9 premiere. 2017.03.24S09.E01

America's Next Top Model Crowns The First Winner Of The New Era

Cycle 23's finale becomes a proxy battle between Kylie and Kendall Jenner. And there's a third model there, too. 2017.03.09S23.E14

Listen To The Isolated Vocals From Lady Gaga's Saturday Night Live Performance

Let's just say she'd never have to 'hoedown' off the stage like certain other performers. 2016.10.27S42.E04

Watch Lady Gaga Dominate Carpool Karaoke On The Late Late Show

James Corden finally learns the background behind 'Rah Rah Ra-Ah-Ah' and 'Ga Ga Ooh La La'. 2016.10.26

American Horror Story Finds Fun Ways To Kill Its Most Fun Characters

How long until the actual Lady Gaga starts referring to herself as 'the bitch with the real power'? 2016.10.07S06.E04

American Horror Story Gets Renewed For A Seventh Installment

It's not totally shocking, but still great to hear. 2016.10.04

A Psychic Cricket Chirps Into The Action On American Horror Story

There's more lost colony backstory, more dismembered pigs, and way more bad news for Lee. 2016.09.29S06.E03

Cher Crapped On Her Legacy With Beavis And Butt-Head

Mark Blankenship on the difficult mid-'90s of an icon. 2016.02.01

American Horror Story: Hotel Is Under New Management To Serve You Better...Just In Time For The Season To End

While Liz and Iris might have high hopes for five-star ratings on TripAdventurer.com, that's not going to happen if March can't get his ghouls to start being practical and quit killing guests. SALLY. 2016.01.14S05.E12

Philadelphia Is The City Of Brotherly...Meh For American Idol

As American Idol heads to Philly in Episode 3 of its 15th and final season, the world is left asking itself, 'I wonder what else is on right now?' 2016.01.14S15.E03

American Horror Story: Hotel Adds Another Permanent Resident

Maybe the one you think, though at least the way it happens is kind of surprising! 2016.01.07S05.E11

American Horror Story: Hotel Lets Liz Explore Her Daddy Issues

Alex also deals with all her...uh...'children.' Which families have a shot at a happy holiday vacation? 2015.12.17S05.E10

American Horror Story: Hotel Requests The Honour Of Your Presence At The Marriage Of Countess Elizabeth To Will Drake

You just know they're going to turn up their nose at your gift card from Bed Bath & Beyond, too. 2015.12.10S05.E09

What Happens When American Horror Story: Hotel Focuses On John Lowe, By Far Its Crappiest Character?

It makes Evan Peters work twice as hard. Fortunately, he's up for it. 2015.12.03S05.E08

The Countess's 'Parents' Are Home (Or Did They Never Leave American Horror Story: Hotel?)

We're halfway through the AHS season, which means it's time for some brand-new, very important characters, and a story reset. 2015.11.19S05.E07

American Horror Story: Hotel Introduces The Countess's Little Monster

And no, you didn't miss an episode: there are suddenly just a bunch of brand-new couples. And some throuples. And some murders! 2015.11.12S05.E06

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