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Watch A Trailer For DC's Legends Of Tomorrow

TV superheroes new and old are all over Lunch And A Show! 2015.11.24

Meet Jessica Jones's Cage Heat

Can we interest you in a cocktail? 2015.11.24S01.E03

Ask The Unconventional Twins Of Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones's upstairs neighbors answer all the questions you were afraid to ask. 2015.11.23S01.E02

Should You Keep Up With Jessica Jones?

Krysten Ritter plays a superhero with PTSD. Will you find it super or traumatic? 2015.11.20S01.E01

Watch The Latest Trailer For Netflix's Jessica Jones

This one with very exciting supporting cast members!!! 2015.11.10

Jessica Jones Gets A Full Trailer

Plus ITV gets a live Sound Of Music, Showtime gets a game-show model comedy, and Project Runway mounts its penultimate challenge in a very girly Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.23

'You Know What, NBC? Pay Me In Cash.'

Which guest actress does The Blacklist waste most egregiously in its season premiere? 2014.09.23S02.E01

Johnny Weir And Krysten Ritter Are The Least Interesting Things About A Rollicking Hollywood Game Night

While Scott Foley, clearly a Previously.TV reader, ups his sweater game. 2014.07.18S02.E19

Let's Reunite Pairs Of Comedy Aces!

As Mission Control casts two Better Off Ted stars for baaaaaasically the same roles, Tara proposes other comedy duos who should get back together, and where they should do it. 2014.02.21

Who's Going To Bite It In The Final Eight Episodes Of Breaking Bad?

If there's one thing you can count on this season, it's bodies (in body bags). We run down their likelihood of death. 2013.08.08

Should You Trust People Who Love Don't Trust The B---- In Apartment 23?

ABC has put up the unaired episodes. Will they inspire an early B---- ditcher to give the show another chance? 2013.05.20S02.E19

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