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Scream Queens Decides To Severely Up The Death Count

This has to stop. Someone needs to bring Hester her out-of-date beauty supplies, stat! 2016.10.12S02.E03

Should Scream Queens Really Be Renamed 'Watch Stamos Shower' At This Point?

Two men, one stall. Also, there's a killer on the loose, but it's hard to care what with the nudity? 2016.09.27S02.E02

Scream Queens's Chanels Aren't Afraid Of No Ghost(ing)

Even with a daring venue change, the show continues to bring the funny. 2016.09.21S02.E01

A Closet Case: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 1997 Fall TV Preview

We begin a look back at a decade's worth of Entertainment Weekly issues previewing each year's upcoming fall season with a stop in 1997, the year someone thought you really cared about Veronica's Closet. 2016.08.11

Vote For The Best Star Trek Fantasy Draft Team!

The winner gets a DonorsChoose.org donation and some dilithium crystals! Boldly go vote today! 2016.07.26

Ranking The Forgotten Shows of NBC's Must-See Thursday Night Lineup

There was a time, children, when America tuned in to NBC see what the likes of Jonathan Silverman, Brooke Shields, and Lisa Bonet were up to. Sure, it was because we misplaced the remote after watching shows we actually enjoyed, but it's still attention of a sort. 2016.07.05

Twenty-Five Years After Its Heyday, Is Cheers Still Funny?

For 1991 Week, Mark Blankenship uses 'The Days Of Wine And Neuroses' as a test case. 2016.06.02S09.E15

Kirstie Alley Kicked Ass On Match Game PM

It's not her only game-show appearance as a self-proclaimed 'interior designer' back in the '70s either, but it's the most fun. 2016.01.21

With Kirstie, TV Land Opens The Door For All Unemployable Sitcom Stars

And Tara has some ideas about which comedy train wrecks will land there next. 2013.12.05

An Oral History Of Late-'90s NBC Time Slot Hits

They weren't all Seinfeld and Friends, and aren't you curious to know the (pretend) inside story of Veronica's Closet? 2013.05.13


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