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Yolanda Hadid Leaves The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Hadid announced her departure via Instagram. A few things we'll miss about her (and a few we won't). 2016.06.16

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Look For A Body To Hit

Who's easiest to love in Part 2 of the RHOBH reunion? To the rankings! 2016.04.27S06.E22

Should You Head Into The Lab For The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition?

Reality-show alumnae and their mothers (or, in a couple of cases, daughters) seek to heal their relationships the only way they know how: on TV. Should you join the group? 2016.03.01S01.E01

Watch A Trailer For The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition

As always with the word 'Celebrity' in a reality show title: your mileage may vary. 2016.01.29

Has Kyle Ever Been To A BBQ?

And more not-so-burning questions from this week's deliciously raw episode. 2016.01.27S06.E09

Which Other Reality Shows Should Get The UnREAL Treatment?

And how should their fake cast members meet untimely ends? 2015.07.27

'No, We Never Were Huggy-Duggy Doo-Doo'

A toxic reunion ends this unpleasant season the only way it can: with a split-screen of the sisters Richards screaming at each other. 2015.04.15S05.E22

Girls, Constantly Interrupting

Part 2 of the RHOBH reunion tests Alex's tolerance for pain. 2015.04.08S05.E21

The Brandi Assassination Squad

Kyle and Pumps set the stage for a war with Brandi, but are they equipped to deal with the Beverly Hills Queen of Crazy? 2015.04.01S05.E20

'Before You Go Any Further, Your Nipple's Hanging Out'

Adrienne Maloof's party celebrating absolutely nothing provides the scene for a rather lackluster finale. 2015.03.25S05.E19

New Location, Same Mediocre Flavor

Kyle and Kim try to fix their relationship once and for all (in the desert this time!) but only succeed in burning some chicken. 2015.03.18S05.E18

The Slap Heard 'Round The Immediate Area In Which It Took Place Because It Wasn't Very Loud

The smack we've been waiting for all season is overshadowed by one Eileen Davidson, teller of truths and Alex Zeidel's new spirit animal. 2015.03.11S05.E17

The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Delivers Half The Drama, Twice The Crazy

Exhausted by the callousness in Atlanta and Beverly Hills? Take a trip down under to check out the local dodo birds. 2015.03.05S02.E01

Reefer Madness

Lisa Rinna and Kim Richards engage in perhaps the ugliest RHOBH fight of all time before checking out Amsterdam's windmills and pot shops. 2015.03.04S05.E16

The Less Than Amazing Race

Yolanda forces the Housewives to have fun that in no way involves pinot gris. 2015.02.25S05.E15

Everybody Loves (Talking About) Kim

And whether they do or not, everybody should hate Kyle. 2015.02.18S05.E14

'I Just Don't Believe She Knows What Good Intentions Are Anymore'

Eileen sits the Sisters Richards down to work out their problems, but the boozy specter of Brandi Glanville assures that nothing gets accomplished. 2015.02.11S05.E13

It's My Party And I'll Perpetuate Condescending Attitudes Toward Gay Men If I Want To

Kyle throws a 'gay mixer' to help 'the gays' meet each other, but only succeeds in embarrassing herself. 2015.02.04S05.E12

My Sister's Keeper (Away From Me)

Brandi and Kyle continue to fight, metaphorically and literally, over Kim's soul. 2015.01.28S05.E11

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