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Claws Nails Viral Marketing

Desna drums up business for the clinic while proposing commune living to Jenn and making her peace (ish) with Virginia's pregnancy in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of 'Cracker Casserole'! 2018.06.17S02.E02

Claws Adjusts To Life Under New Management

Desna tries to make the best of the new Riva regime with no help from the Hussers in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of the Season 2 premiere! 2018.06.10S02.E01

EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP: Claws Scratches Its Way Through Its Season Finale Showdowns

Who lives? Who dies? Who gets kidnapped? And does everyone make it through with all ten acrylics intact?! 2017.11.08S01.E10

Lucifer's Season Finale Is Fiendishly Satisfying

The cliffhanger is not so much a cliffhanger as an 'Oops, I almost took selfies while leaning too far over this safety rail' moment, but that just clears the board for Lucifer to clean up Amenadiel's earlier mess, as well as his own. 2016.04.25S01.E13

In Which Lucifer Has His Own Life Of Brian Moment Shortly Before Getting His Own Hashtag

Malcolm proves he's on the side of unfettered evil by unironically coining and using, in actual conversation, the hashtag #TeamLucifer. 2016.04.18S01.E12

No Good Deed Of Lucifer's Goes Unpunished

Ol' Scratch gets a temporary hankering to do good, but he doesn't let it cramp his style. Instead, he uses his philanthropic urges as an excuse to add more names to the 'naughty' list for punishment. 2016.04.12S01.E11

Father Issues Are So Unattractive, Lucifer

Someone is still smarting over his pop's plans, and he lets it cloud his judgment on everything from murder investigations to family dinners. 2016.03.29S01.E10

Lucifer And A Priest Bring New Meaning To The Word 'Compadre'

Sure, 'a priest walks into the Devil's bar' seems like a joke, but the man of the cloth provides an opportunity for Lucifer to reframe how he's looking at this whole 'my dad forced me into the family business' complaint. 2016.03.22S01.E09

It Turns Out The One Sin Lucifer Can't Quite Parse Is Jealousy

In a move that might shock Biblical authors and modern theologians alike, Lucifer turns out to be remarkably incapable of comprehending jealousy, much less experiencing it. But know what he is good at? Solving crimes, especially crimes of passion. 2016.03.15S01.E08

Trojan Horseshit

The Mutiny gang decides to trick Joe by building a fake Unix computer capable of running their games. It's a plan so crazy, it just might fail spectacularly! 2015.07.05S02.E06

The Power And The Glory

Behold the fifth season's Big Bad. ...No, not the wardrobe department. Technically. 2014.12.18

A Killer Among Us

The town of Gracepoint has to deal with a disturbing revelation. 2014.12.12S01.E10

Aaron Sorkin Dedicates The Penultimate Episode Of The Newsroom To Some Men, #NotAllMen

Finally, Aaron Sorkin places himself where no one wanted him: at the intersection of campus rape and the internet. 2014.12.07S03.E05

The Jacki Weaver Show

It took almost to the end, but we finally see why the show cast someone of her caliber. 2014.12.04S01.E09

Dance Like No One's Watching

Even if your parents totally are. Maybe they'll take you bowling! 2014.11.20S01.E08

Vanish In The Air, You'll Never Find Me

Another Gracepoint child disappears under possibly nefarious circumstances. 2014.11.13S01.E07

You Don't Know Jack

Being a sex offender can disrupt your small-town existence. Who knew? 2014.11.06S01.E06

Pressing A Point

Unhappy with the lack of attention Danny's case is getting, the Solanos take their case public, to Renee's delight. 2014.10.30S01.E05

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Miller invites Carver to dinner and they are both HILARE. 2014.10.23S01.E04

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

That reference is particularly apt for Mark this week. 2014.10.16S01.E03

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