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The New 'Cool Ranch' Flavor Is Saving RHOBH

Dorit's rubbing everyone the wrong way and working wonders. 2017.01.04S07.E04

The Escape Room's Easy, But Feminism's Hard For RHOBH

They can work together to escape a room, but this season's falling prey to the doldrums. What gives? 2016.12.28S07.E04

Yolanda's Lyme Casts A Shadow Over The Big Apple On RHOBH

The RHOBH devote time to deafness, cancer, Lyme, and abused animals. Should you? 2016.03.16S06.E16

Another RHOBH 'Dinner Party From Hell'?

And more not-so-burning questions about Erika's fictional Grindr profile, Yolanda's Instagram, Eileen's stank face, and Lisa Rinna's conspiracy theories from this week's episode. 2016.03.09S06.E15

RHOBH's 'Not Easy To Love' Is Pretty Agreeable

This week course-corrects at Yolanda and David's dinner party, shaking up the rankings in the process. 2016.03.02S06.E14

Who's Editing RHOBH This Season?

And more not-so-burning questions from this week's episode. 2016.02.24S06.E13

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Makes A Second Attempt At A Barbecue, And Everyone Gets Burned

Kim's presence looms large over this week's festivities, while Yolanda chews out label maker Lisa Rinna at Erika's barbecue. 2016.02.17S06.E12

If The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills's Yolanda Is European, Why Can't She Pronounce 'Munchausen's'?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by 'Please Welcome Erika Jayne!' 2016.02.10S06.E11

Kathryn, What Do You Mean You're Still Mad?

And more not-so-burning questions as this week's RHOBH attempts to recreate the sweeping drama of the Moulin Rouge. 2016.02.03S06.E10

Has Kyle Ever Been To A BBQ?

And more not-so-burning questions from this week's deliciously raw episode. 2016.01.27S06.E09

Are The RHOBH 'Going Deep,' Or Just Insane?

And more not-so-burning questions from this week's trips to the Hamptons and La La Land. 2016.01.20S06.E08

The Answer To A Question No One Asked

What's Lisa really after in bringing up Eileen's infidelity? Does Bethenny dream about brands? And other not-so-burning questions from RHOBH. 2016.01.13S06.E07

When Life Gives You Lyme…It's Your Time To Shine?

Why are Yolanda and Lisa Vanderpump's swan sick to their stomachs? And other not-so-burning questions from RHOBH. 2015.12.30S06.E05

Who Is Munchausen?

And other not-so-burning questions from this week's vitamin-deficient episode! 2015.12.23S06.E04

Who Are These Women Trying To Sell The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills's Lisa Vanderpump A Horse?

And more not-quite-burning questions about the latest episode, including: will Ken get a '69' for his 70th? 2015.12.16S06.E03

Kim's Big Day Out

The Housewives take turns playing dress-up with Kim Richards until it's time for her nap. 2014.11.26S05.E02

The Off-White Party

The fifth season of RHOBH kicks off with old faces, new faces, and not nearly enough Kim Richards. 2014.11.19S05.E01