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On The Wings Of (The City Of) Angels: Your Law & Order: Los Angeles Power Rankings

Whose career was the most blessed after the single-season spin-off? 2017.01.10

Ginny Has A Giant Problem On Pitch

And while she's bracing for the release of those hacked selfies on the team's San Fran road trip, the call-up of Lawson's replacement sends him into a flashback tailspin. 2016.11.11S01.E07

Before Hamilton, There Was Liberty! The American Revolution

Which, based on the exclamation point in the title, you might assume was also a musical. It isn't, but: Bosco as Ben Franklin! 2016.10.14

Where The Devil Resides In Comfort

Why Sarah D. Bunting didn't want Making A Murderer to end. 2015.12.24S01.E10

Predicting The Scandals PBS Has Yet To Investigate

This whole Ben Affleck Finding Your Roots business is just the beginning. We have a pretty good idea of the other skeletons the network may yet find in its closet. 2015.06.25

Should The Making Of The Mob: New York Sleep With The Fishes?

Sarah D. Bunting isn't sure whether to boot(-leg) AMC's Mafia 'docudrama' from her DVR. 2015.06.15S01.E01

Future Spy And Secret-Society Series Networks Are Strongly Advised Not To Muck Up With Superfluous Romantical B-Plots

We'll let you monkey with the Mata Hari one, but otherwise, stay out of it. Love, process nerds. 2014.06.12

The Franco Project

Captain Ubiquity's stint on The Mindy Project is a short one, and that's good, because it's not working for this author at all. 2013.09.18S02.E01

Upcoming HBO Movies About Lesser Presidents

Which White House minor-leaguers merit the prestigious pay-cable treatment? And which of their prospective films sound like pornos? 2013.07.03

'You Just Adore Me And I Don't Know Why.'

Bravo should dump Newlyweds: The First Year and let it find a network that really loves it. 2013.06.25S01.E08


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