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How Would Frasier Be Different If It Were About A Serial Killer? It's Revealed In This Trailer!

After tonight’s overture, the curtain may fall on more than one Diva.... 2016.08.09

From The Desk Of Warren Littlefield: The Must See TV Crossovers That Could Have Been

Airlifting a character from one TV show into another was a common practice for Must See TV shows. But the network could have done more -- and would have, had anyone followed through on this beautiful fever dream. 2016.07.08

Songs In The Key Of Cheers

Everyone knows the theme song, but Cheers went musical on many other occasions. Here's your ultimate countdown! 2016.07.07

Twenty-Five Years After Its Heyday, Is Cheers Still Funny?

For 1991 Week, Mark Blankenship uses 'The Days Of Wine And Neuroses' as a test case. 2016.06.02S09.E15

'Pompous Ass Of The Year'

It may shock you to learn that John's talking about a Cheers character other than Frasier Crane. 2014.08.28

Must-Sleep TV

Maximize TV's effectiveness as a sleep aid with these key tips from our insomniac correspondent. 2013.07.08

Upcoming HBO Movies About Lesser Presidents

Which White House minor-leaguers merit the prestigious pay-cable treatment? And which of their prospective films sound like pornos? 2013.07.03

The Duck Dynasty Carnival Cruise Is NOT The Worst TV-Vacation Idea Ever

It's only the seventeenth-worst. Act now; that Hoarders boat is filling up fast! 2013.06.13

Is Hannibal Lecter The Worst Shrink In TV History?

Yes. But this subjective list of crappy TV therapists suggests it's a close race. 2013.05.31


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