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Turns Out Richard Was The Glue That Held Gilmore Girls Together

Jordan isn't a crackpot; he just thinks that, without the patriarch, the reboot and its characters are the worse for wear. 2016.12.09

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Makes It Clear Who The Show's True Protagonist Is

And Nick Rheinwald-Jones is not a crackpot, but he's sure it isn't Lorelai or Rory. 2016.12.02S08.E04

Mostly Everybody On Gilmore Girls Is A Kid With Grown-Up Clothes And Money

Because it isn't just Rory Gilmore and the Thirtysomething Gang stuck in an arrested development rut, let's rank the Stars Hollow residents and their loved ones by maturity and see how they like it. 2016.12.01S08.E03

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Gives Two Soulmates A New Chance At Lifelong Bliss

Rory and Paris have both made some questionable decisions over the years, but choosing each other wouldn't be one of them. 2016.11.29S08.E02

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life Reminds Us Of The Value Of A Good Dramedy

A funeral provides an occasion for some tears, some laughs, and a whole lot of realness. 2016.11.28S08.E01

Watch The Brand-New Gilmore Girls Trailer Netflix Just Dropped

Check out Emily Gilmore in a hip new t-shirt! 2016.10.25

Check Out A Few Moments Behind The Scenes In This Gilmore Girls Featurette

Because November 25th isn't tomorrow, Netflix offered up a reminder that it's definitely in the near future. 2016.10.05

I Am The 'Rory,' The Drink Created Solely For Rory Gilmore's 21st Birthday

I'm pink and special, and there's not a diner owner in the world that can tell me otherwise. 2016.08.18

It Turns Out That The Worst Season Of Gilmore Girls Is Still A Season Of Gilmore Girls

It took the entire run of the series to figure it out, but your Marathon Diarist now knows the star of Gilmore Girls was Stars Hollow all along. 2016.03.31

Madeleine Albright, Paul Anka, And 68 Pounds Of Marijuana Visit Stars Hollow In Gilmore Girls Season 6

Also known as The Most Ridiculous Season Of Them All! Your Marathon Diarist takes in the last season before Gilmore Girls lost its creator. It's nuts. 2016.03.25

Love, Death, Punch-Drunk Shenanigans, And Pure Evil Take Turns Ruling The Gilmore Girls Universe

The diarist laughed, cried, fist-pumped, and felt anger towards a certain cruel matriarch as the Marathon Diary rolled into S5. 2016.03.17

Future Stars And The Party Are Moving To The Closest Ivy-League School On Gilmore Girls

Roger keeps getting warned about how Gilmore Girls is going to go downhill, but at the halfway point of the series, he's still enjoying the ride. 2016.03.10

Holden Caulfield And Leslie Knope Make Their Presences Felt In Season 2 Of Gilmore Girls

Your Marathon Diarist tries to remember a time before Jess Mariano. 2016.02.25

After Fifteen-Plus Years of Excuses, A Grown Boy Watches Gilmore Girls For the First Time

Looking at the first season of Gilmore Girls finally gives this Marathon Diarist an education on what 'Luke and Lorelai' is. 2016.02.18

Fast-Talking Worlds Will Collide When Bunheads's Sutton Foster Comes To Gilmore Girls

This might just be the greatest crossover event of all time, and we have some suggestions on exactly how to execute it. 2016.02.11

Rowby Canton Returns To The Good Wife To Get The Old Band Back Together

And when he's not romancing Lucca, the only two law firms in Chicago are battling each other over poaching and re-poaching clients. 2016.01.18S07.E12

The Good Wife Exercises Its Right To Choose...To Defend Someone Who Filmed A Deceptive Anti-Choice Video

Reese Dippold continues not to need to be onscreen in order to force Diane into awkward intellectual positions, while Grace hustles to help Alicia keep the lights on. 2015.11.23S07.E08

Everything Isn't Beautiful At The Ballet On Flesh And Bone

Not even Kelly Bishop can save this show. 2015.11.16S01.E06

10 Ways We Could (And SHOULD) Have A Gilmore Girls/Supernatural Crossover Event

Stephanie Lucianovic does the work of two TV shows' writing staffs. You're welcome. 2015.10.30

Gilmore Girls May Get Revived On Netflix?

Sure, it's still unconfirmed. But that doesn't mean Tara Ariano and Nick Rheinwald-Jones can't talk about it. 2015.10.19

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