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Emma And Hook Get Married In Once Upon A Time: The Musical

The power of song helps Emma work through some abandonment issues in the run-up to the final battle. 2017.05.07S06.E20

Once Upon A Time Sprinkles Fairy Dust On Rumple's Mommy Issues

A flashback via dream-memory takes us all the way back to Rumple's birth to show how his mom became the Black Fairy, why everyone needs to stop trying to mess with fate, and that evil is usually more fun than good. 2017.05.01S06.E19

Once Upon A Time Grumbles Over Grendel

If you thought Rumplestiltskin's backstory was a well that had run dry...you were right! But that won't stop Once Upon A Time from going back there anyway. Now with the poem that tortured you in high school! 2017.03.20S06.E13

Once Upon A Time Wishes Logic Into The Cornfield

Genie, I served with Anyanka. I knew Anyanka. Anyanka was a friend of mine. Genie, you're no Anyanka. 2016.12.05S06.E10

Once Upon A Time Belabors The Point

Belle and Rumple's birth plan really isn't going well. 2016.11.27S06.E09

Once Upon A Time Goes To The Dogs

Evil Queens, sleeping curses, and true love's kiss...you'd be forgiven for not being sure what season it is. 2016.11.07S06.E07

Hades And The Wicked Witch Meet Cute On Once Upon A Time

Is the most villainous bicycle ride in history also the most romantic? 2016.04.04S05.E16

Poor Unfortunate Souls

Once Upon A Time returns with a seemingly increased special-effects budget and more wigs than ever! 2015.03.02S04.E13

How Is Emma Going To Cement Herself As 'Part Of The Family'?

And other not-quite-burning questions taking us into the Bates Motel season finale next week. (Murder, right? Probably murder.) 2014.04.29S02.E09

Who's Really To Blame For White Pine Bay's Latest Mysterious Death?

If Emma hadn't told Norma about Norman's blackouts, Norma wouldn't have scuttled his driver's test. But If Cody hadn't told Emma, Norman wouldn't have stomped over to her house. But if Norma.... 2014.04.14S02.E07

Once Upon A Time Is The Best Worst Show You're Not Watching

Why you should embrace the high-budget fairy tale campfest. 2014.03.09S03.E12

Norman Bates Is Back! And He's Still A Creep!

As White Pine Bay recovers from Miss Watson's murder and Bradley reintegrates into society after a stint in the crazy house, how Bates Motel-y is it? 2014.03.03S02.E01

It's Time To Declassify Jake 2.0

Don't hide Christopher Gorham's geeky hotness under a barrel. Or in the basement of the Pentagon. 2013.06.04


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