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Feud: Bette And Joan Finds The Timeless Horror In Hollywood Sexism

Baby Jane is a big success...but you wouldn't know it from the dearth of offers coming Bette and Joan's way. Eric Lillian ranks the episode's players! 2017.03.26S01.E04

Feud: Bette and Joan Has A Mother/Daughter Day

As filming wraps on Baby Jane, Bette's and Joan's parenting goes under the microscope. 2017.03.19S01.E03

Feud: Bette And Joan Proves A United Front Can't Last Long In Old Hollywood

All along, they coulda been friends...if the Hollywood system hadn't conspired to make them hate each other. 2017.03.12S01.E02

Is Ryan Murphy's Feud Good Enough To Make Sure Ya Are In That Chair Every Week?

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford's legendary rivalry gets a shot at immortality for the Peak TV generation. 2017.03.03S01.E01

American Horror Story Cuts Some Cast Members

The events under the Blood Moon get even bloodier, particularly when there's no one around to call 'cut!' 2016.10.27S06.E07

American Horror Story Reboots My Roanoke Nightmare

It starts out as a second season. Then things take a turn for the gruesome! 2016.10.20S06.E06

American Horror Story Adds The Velveteen Touch Of A Dandy Fop

Evan Peters camps things up as the original builder of Matt and Shelby's murder house. Yay! 2016.10.13S06.E05

American Horror Story Finds Fun Ways To Kill Its Most Fun Characters

How long until the actual Lady Gaga starts referring to herself as 'the bitch with the real power'? 2016.10.07S06.E04

A Psychic Cricket Chirps Into The Action On American Horror Story

There's more lost colony backstory, more dismembered pigs, and way more bad news for Lee. 2016.09.29S06.E03

The World's Worst Mom Brings An Adorable Little Girl To American Horror Story's Hell House

Amid Lee's terrible parenting choices, Denis O'Hare shows up -- via videotape -- to tell us more about some of the creeps who formerly owned this joint. They sound fun! 2016.09.22S06.E02

American Horror Story Drops You In A Roanoke Nightmare

And that's why you never buy an 18th-century farmhouse in North Carolina. ...Oh, there are going to be more episodes after this? Cool. Cool cool cool. 2016.09.15S06.E01

American Horror Story: Hotel Is Under New Management To Serve You Better...Just In Time For The Season To End

While Liz and Iris might have high hopes for five-star ratings on TripAdventurer.com, that's not going to happen if March can't get his ghouls to start being practical and quit killing guests. SALLY. 2016.01.14S05.E12

American Horror Story: Hotel Adds Another Permanent Resident

Maybe the one you think, though at least the way it happens is kind of surprising! 2016.01.07S05.E11

American Horror Story: Hotel Lets Liz Explore Her Daddy Issues

Alex also deals with all her...uh...'children.' Which families have a shot at a happy holiday vacation? 2015.12.17S05.E10

American Horror Story: Hotel Requests The Honour Of Your Presence At The Marriage Of Countess Elizabeth To Will Drake

You just know they're going to turn up their nose at your gift card from Bed Bath & Beyond, too. 2015.12.10S05.E09

The Countess's 'Parents' Are Home (Or Did They Never Leave American Horror Story: Hotel?)

We're halfway through the AHS season, which means it's time for some brand-new, very important characters, and a story reset. 2015.11.19S05.E07

American Horror Story: Hotel Introduces The Countess's Little Monster

And no, you didn't miss an episode: there are suddenly just a bunch of brand-new couples. And some throuples. And some murders! 2015.11.12S05.E06

American Horror Story: Hotel Knows Liz Taylor Was Born This Way

A flashback shows us how the Countess Elizabeth helped the former Nick find his true self. We should all be so lucky! Meanwhile, Max's mom finds out -- too late -- why maybe she really should have immunized him against measles when she had the chance. 2015.11.05S05.E05

Donovan And Iris Try To Check Out Of American Horror Story: Hotel But They…Well, You Know

Donovan's a snot, Elizabeth Taylor's the best, and Lady Gaga makes out with yet another gay actor. 2015.10.22S05.E03

American Horror Story's Hotel Was Built By A Real Sicko

No, not Ryan Murphy. ...Okay, him too. 2015.10.15S05.E02

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