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Which Lady's Working Hardest On Megan's Behalf On The Arrangement?

The Bechdel Test-passingest episode yet is also the one with HOT NOODZ. Let's rank the women in Megan's life according to who's doing most right by her in 'The Leak'! 2017.03.19S01.E03

Hannibal's Best Looks In 'Dolce' Don't Always Make Sense, But They Sure Are Fabulous

Eve Batey collects the images you can't get out of your head. 2015.07.10S03.E06

'I Knew It Was Coming. But It Still Smarts.'

As one goes to the light, others take to Homer's wine-dark sea on Hannibal. 2015.06.26S03.E04

Exquisite Boardom

An ally returns, an enemy cuts off his nose to spite the FBI, and the table is set for the finale. 2014.05.17S02.E12

Next On Hannibal: Mason Verger Grows Mustache, Twirls It

Michael Pitt's Mason Verger is nearly exploding with villainous affectations. Julian runs down the most egregious. 2014.05.10S02.E11

Say My Name

As the outlines of the FBI's master plan become visible, Will and Hannibal eat buntings drowned in booze. xo, Bryan Fuller! 2014.05.10S02.E11

What Does Frightened Taste Like?

'Not like chicken' is a safe inference. Will's descent to Hannibal's level continues, and a natty bogeyman is introduced. 2014.05.03S02.E10

And Let Slip The Dogs Of Will

A killer with an animal-based identity disorder gives Will's identity crisis some purpose. 2014.04.26S02.E09

Put A Bird In It

After you subtract the ultra-gross (even for this show) crime scenes and gotchas, there isn't much to this ep of Hannibal. 2014.04.19S02.E08


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