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Which Housemates Are Just What Doctor Who Ordered?

It's time to rank the new companion’s new companions. 2017.05.07S10.E04

Doctor Who's Latest Emoji-Themed Adventure Raises ???

Will Bill's sophomore episode leave her ;^D or 8^( ? 2017.04.23S10.E02

Doctor Who's New Sidekick Takes Her Time

In an infinite universe, is there a finite number of ways to bring a character on board the TARDIS? 2017.04.16S10.E01

Ripples And A Pond?

The Doctor remembers a familiar face he once saved, but what about another familiar face he left behind? 2015.10.18S09.E05

Wig Cop Thinks No One Should Be Taking Photos Of Selfie

If Eliza Dooley wants to make over her life, she should start with that mop. 2014.10.07S01.E01

I Won't Be Your Father Figure

The Doctor puts Clara on notice that he's not going to be there till the end of…tiiime. 2014.10.05S08.E07

Meme's Not The Word

Is it possible to salvage a show from Selfie if you chuck the premise and the heroine? ABC should find out. Sarah D. Bunting is not a crackpot. 2014.09.30S01.E01

The Clock Strikes Twelve

Matt Smith and the Doctor Who Marathon Diary bid a heartsfelt farewell. 2014.08.19


In the back end of Season 7, everything old is new again and everything else is even newer. 2014.08.12S07.E12

From The Quality Of 'Mercy' To A New City Of Angels

The Doctor's companions have always come and gone, but Amy and Rory got to do both a lot more than most. 2014.08.05

Requiem For A Brigadier

There's one character death that Steven Moffat can't take back. 2014.07.29

Season 6 Doesn't Suck

The back end of the Eleventh Doctor's second season reaches 'Closing Time.' 2014.07.22

Bends In The River

The Marathon Diary temporarily becomes a father-son activity. 2014.07.15

Why Don't You Marry It, Then?

Series 6 launches with a predictably epic mytharc, but a Monster Of The Week episode is the Marathon Diarist's new favorite. 2014.07.08

Wibbly-Wobbly Timey-Wimey Stuff

As the Eleventh Doctor figures out why time is full of cracks, the Marathon Diarist explores the cracks in Series 5. 2014.07.01

Ripples In The Pond

The Marathon Diarist wades deeper into the story of the Eleventh Doctor and his ginger companion. 2014.06.24

Welcome Matt

Can an old-school Whovian get with the new programme? Welcome to Jeff Alexander's Who Marathon Diary! 2014.06.17S05.E01

San Diego Terrorists: Break's Over

Trent & co. are (almost) back! 2013.06.12S03.E01


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