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Should You Be On The Lookout For APB?

If you've found yourself thinking, 'Man, there's not enough fascism on my TV these days,' brother, have we got the show for you. 2017.02.03S01.E01

Manhattan Swings A Trope On A Rope

'Fatherland,' the season's second installment is a convoluted episode whose machinations feel all too familiar. 2015.10.20S02.E02

Will Anyone Make It Out Of Wayward Pines Alive?

With one week left until the finale, and the destruction of titular town at hand, Alex Zeidel weighs everyone's chances of survival. 2015.07.16S01.E09

Battle Of The Terrifyingly Pleasant Town Creeps

Who's secretly the highest honcho in Wayward Pines: Pam, the rule-loving nurse, or Megan, the school teacher/hypnotist with a love for slappin' palms? 2015.06.04S01.E04

Hello? Anybody Out There?

A feral man chained up in a box talks about the events of The Bridge, and also a lot about FX's Tyrant. 2014.08.28S02.E08

Battle Of The Banjo Ditties

In addition to yuppie female anti-heroes and social commentary, Jenji Kohan also likes banjo(lele)s. 2014.07.03S02.E13

Daddy Ain't Daddy

And we just learned a lot about Red. 2013.11.12S01.E08


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