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This Is Us Shows The Value, And The Price, Of Enormous Personal Sacrifice

Is making us cry this much 'The Right Thing To Do'? 2017.01.11S01.E10

Did This Is Us Save The Worst For 'Last Christmas'?

There are so many twists, Al Lowe is asking Santa for a whiplash brace this year. 2016.12.06S01.E10

This Is Us Gets Us High On Life

Before everything comes out in the wash. 2016.11.16S01.E07

This Is Us Makes The Most Of Career Day

And Al Lowe loves this show as much as a human heart can. 2016.11.02S01.E06

A Small, Perfect Moment Shows Us William's Future On This Is Us

It's ALL our futures, really. We have to deal with that. 2016.10.26S01.E05

How This Is Us Is Actually Us

If you feel like someone just read your emotional scrapbook to the world, you're not alone. 2016.10.25S01.E05

This Is Us Jumps Into The Deep End Of The Pool

Tackling issues of race, class, identity, insecurity, history...ALL OF IT. 2016.10.18S01.E04

Does This Is Us Plan To Make Us Cry Time After Time?

Or were the true colors of these characters revealed in yet another surprise twist? 2016.10.11S01.E03

Did This Week's This Is Us Twist Surprise You?

And other questions heating up after the tearjerker's second episode. 2016.09.27S01.E02

Is This Is Us Too Much Us Or Just Enough?

Prepare to cry, Generations X and Y. Our Thirtysomething has arrived. 2016.09.20S01.E01

Let's Hear It For The Girl

Who's first and who's worst in the Revenge Evil Plan-dex? 2014.01.13S03.E12

Say Good Night, Graysons

A handful of alternate resolutions for the "Emily got shot" cliffhanger. 2014.01.06S03.E11

Battle Of The Long-Nosed ABC-Primetime Foxes

Have you ever seen Patrick from Revenge and James King from Last Resort together? Buntsy rests her case. 2013.11.06


What might have been going through Nolan and Jack's minds on last night's Revenge. 2013.11.04S03.E06

The Bitch Is Back

And the other bitch. And the one with the cravat, too. And it is GREAT. 2013.10.21S03.E04

Four Things I Hate About You

And by 'you,' we mean 'the season premiere of Revenge.' And by 'four,' we actually only mean four. 2013.09.30S03.E01