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Should You Hop A Ride On Underground?

Or is WGN America's new historic slave drama going to jump the tracks? 2016.03.09S01.E01

TCA 2015/6: WGN Wants To Rule The World With John Legend, Biker Hippies, And Slaves

As the cast of Manhattan could tell you: it's the bomb. (Actually, they couldn't tell you that or they'd get in big trouble.) 2015.07.29

Kill Bill?

On a smart, zippy True Blood, Bill's fading fast, but there's hope yet. Or IS there? (There is.) 2014.07.28S07.E06

It Was A Monster Mash

A party-themed True Blood features a gathering of dangerous ghouls! Also, there's a shindig at Sookie's house. 2014.07.21S07.E05

You Want Gravy With That Stuffing?

A heavily padded episode ends the first storyline of True Blood's final season. 2014.07.14S07.E04

Devil In A Dumb Dress

Is Sookie Stackhouse the secret villain of True Blood? 2014.06.30S07.E02

House Of Nards

Everyone's dying in True Blood's final-season premiere, but don't worry: the Stackhouses still get naked. 2014.06.23S07.E01

What's The Next Plotline Inspiration From The Good Wife's DVR?

This season alone, it's borrowed from Glee and Low Winter Sun; we have some ideas for other shows that could use the Good Wife homage treatment. 2014.03.09S05.E13

Kristina Sees What's At The End Of The Campaign Trail

Just a tiny bit more shaking hands and kissing babies. 2013.11.22S05.E09

Adam Braverman Is A Terrible Husband

And our commentator is getting sick of his crap. 2013.10.04S05.E02

True Blood Has Sucked This Author Dry

Season 6 was like a knife in the eye. 2013.08.19S06.E10


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