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Should You Bet On Better Things?

Louis C.K. collaborates with his former Louie sparring partner Pamela Adlon for a sitcom about the life of a fortysomething working actor/working mom. Is it, in fact, Better than most Things on TV? 2016.09.08S01.E01

Remember The Titans: Reconsidering Entertainment Weekly's 2000 Fall TV Preview

The turn-of-the-millennium issue can't shake a last-century feel in this fourth reassessment of Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Previews, as 1990s monsters and tired premises go out with a whimper, not a bang. 2016.08.22

Beat My Shorts

Project Runway returns, along with Nina Garcia's tiresomely unsuccessful Michael Kors homages and some side butt. Yay? 2014.07.25S13.E01

Fashion Slow

Unlucky Season 13 of Project Runway is here, and the executives at Lifetime who took the time to half-watch it are NOT amused. 2014.07.25S13.E01

Battle Of The Celebrity Pitchmoms

Both Tina Fey and Julie Bowen currently star in TV campaigns that lean heavily on their real lives as busy mothers. But which one actually comes out ahead as a MILF -- Mom I'd Like To beFriend? 2014.06.06

EHG Mini: Shut Up, Julie

Why are TV Julies so bad? 2014.02.26

Hollywood Game Night Is A Land Of Contrasts

In its back-to-back season-opening episodes, Hollywood Game Night shows how painful it can be when people (Martin Short) don't care about playing well, and how fun it can be when everyone is on point. 2014.01.21S02.E03

Claire's Kiss Is On My List

(Of things that haven't happened before the season's fifth episode.) 2013.10.17S05.E05

Fingers Of Love

Claire's hand (just the right one) deigns to touch Phil. 2013.10.10S05.E04

Claire Loves Her Realtor

In the latest Modern Family, Claire effuses about Phil to strangers! (There's a reason.) 2013.10.03S05.E03

Summer Cold

Claire's back for a new season of Modern Family, and she still doesn't like touching her husband. 2013.09.26S05.E01

Beyond F/M/K

Our commentator details exactly how she'd like to pass time with this year's Emmy-nominated actors and actresses. 2013.07.19

Handicapping The Best Supporting Comedy Categories

Will it be a seven-peat for Jeffrey Tambor? AND SO MUCH MORE. 2013.07.16

Death Brings Out The Best In Claire

Claire ends the season by being nice and supportive and making our commentator look like a jerk. 2013.05.23S04.E24


Two faces of Claire. 2013.05.16S04.E23

Claire Leans In

Getting a job; touching her husband. 2013.05.09S04.E22

Phil: The Moment-Ruiner

Being the recipient of two hugs doesn't stop Phil from pushing his luck. If hugs could be taken back, both of these would have been. 2013.05.02S04.E21


Whenever that word makes it into the dictionary, this photo will be next to it. 2013.04.11S04.E20

'Phil Who?'

Just because Claire didn't see Phil this week doesn't mean she didn't get a chance to express herself sexually. 2013.03.28S04.E18

Claire Affection Threat Level: Barely Tolerant

Key word: "barely." 2013.02.28S04.E17

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