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Jessica Jones Gets A Full Trailer

Plus ITV gets a live Sound Of Music, Showtime gets a game-show model comedy, and Project Runway mounts its penultimate challenge in a very girly Lunch And A Show! 2015.10.23

Broadway, Here We Come!

It's a tune you can hum. And will, for days. Sorry. 2015.06.18

Going To The Registry Office (But Not The Synagogue) And We're Going To Get Married

Or are we? An eleventh-hour scandal threatens the engagement...and who's behind it?! 2015.02.22S05.E08

Screw Edith: How's Isis?!

As Rosamund and The Dowager C are forced to bring Cora into the cone of silence regarding Edith's escape, Isobel announces her engagement, Charles solves Mary's romantic issue. But the people problems pale next to the poor, poor pup. 2015.02.15S05.E07

'This Herr Hitler' Is Only The Latest European To Ruin Edith's Happiness

Elsewhere, The Dowager C gets more news about the princess, Rose gets closer to Atticus, and Mary gets a kicky new 'do. 2015.02.08S05.E06

Has The Time Come For Punting Bunting?

While Tom considers his future with Sarah Bunting, Rosamund noses around Edith's relationship with this farmer's daughter she's heard about, and Simon Bricker is back to photograph Cora's Della Francesca...and maybe more. 2015.02.01S05.E05

Simon Bricker's An Art Historian, All Right: The Art Of Seduction!

As Cora gets woo pitched at her some more, The Dowager C pulls strings for her old side piece, and Lord G and Sarah Bunting have their most vicious showdown yet! 2015.01.25S05.E04

Contraception AND Radio? What A Time To Be Alive!

While Mary makes Anna go buy her birth control, Lord G resists Rose's relentless pro-wireless lobbying...for a while. 2015.01.11S05.E02

The Crawleys' Rich American In-Laws Make Friends In London

Mostly blatant gold-diggers, but still! It makes for a little excitement as Rose makes her official début (and almost takes down a head of state). 2014.02.23S04.E09

The Series 4 Finale Of Downton Abbey Is Kind Of Bazaar

As SARAH BUNTING and Tom learn more about each other, Rose and Edith make big moves, and Bates makes a mysterious journey.... 2014.02.16S04.E08

Lady Mary Makes A Pig's Ear Of Courtship

While Mary considers her romantic options some more, Edith lets someone into her confidence, and SARAH BUNTING makes her first appearance! 2014.02.09S04.E07

Guess Who's Coming To Lord Grantham's Birthday Dinner?

When Rose says she's got a surprise, take her at her word. 2014.02.02S04.E06


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