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How The Friends Super Bowl Episode Became The One Where Lisa Stopped Watching

The double-sized Friends episode was as bloated, defanged and dumb as the Super Bowl spectacle that preceded it, and Lisa can't with it -- or, rather, she couldn't. 2016.07.06S02.E12

Law & Order Needs To Jump Into The TV Stream

Why isn't this look at the criminal justice system more available in digital formats? 2015.12.17

Howe Do You Duo

Pandora's plans for a general's bones raise hell across two shows. 2015.10.29S03.E05

Women Scorned

True Detective's underwritten ladies, in order of bearability. 2015.06.28S02.E02

American Psycho Story

Dandy strips down, goes to a gay bar, and meets Matt Bomer. It's a gay dream turned nightmare. 2014.11.06S04.E05

Is The Normal Heart Unbeatable at the Emmys?

Marks Peikert and Blankenship discuss infusing the Emmys with fresh talent. 2014.05.30

The Normal Heart's Ned Weeks Tries To Survive A Plague

An appreciation of the angriest man in New York. 2014.05.25

Livia Soprano Is Santé Kimes, Except She's Doing It With Her Son

And other updated loglines from Law & Order's ninth season. 2014.05.23

Al 1, Julia 0

SICK BURN, BRO. 2013.03.27S04.E12


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