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Watch The Latest Trailer For Season 6 Of Veep

'Give the people what they want,' indeed. 2017.03.14

A Veep Awkward-Meeting Mashup

Walkin' the walk, talkin' the pork. 2016.11.04

It's Time To Escape The Presidential Race And Visit The West Wing

With the 2016 election driving us all bonkers, there has been no better time to let Aaron Sorkin be your sherpa to liberal fantasyland (and also U.S. history class). 2016.08.23

Did Must See TV Spawn Today's Lady Antiheroines?

Liz Ball is not a crackpot; she just thinks the complex ladies of today's TV would be nothing without Elaine & Co. 2016.07.08

Ten Moments When We Knew Seinfeld's Elaine Benes Would Be President Someday

Charting a path from the Upper West Side to the West Wing. 2016.07.07

Seinfeld Asks: Did Kimberly Steal Jo's Baby?

Consider the consequences carefully before you say you don't know. 2016.07.05S06.E15

Choice Television Mullets Of 1991

From Alaska to the Zit Remedy, the best of the small screen's (show) business in the front, party in the back. 2016.06.02

Watch The Most Notable Moments Of Julia Louis-Dreyfus's Third Time Hosting Saturday Night Live

When you see the cameos, you'll be bustin', Jerry! Bustin'! 2016.04.17S41.E18

Watch A Trailer For Season 5 Of Veep

And if you were worried there would be no talk of genitals: don't. 2016.03.21

What New Girl Replacement For Zooey Deschanel Would Be Less Jarring Than Megan Fox?

It's only temporary, but still...bombshell Megan Fox in lieu of adorkable Zooey Deschanel? We have other ideas. 2015.09.18

Veep Ends Season 4 With Both Happy And Unhappy Returns

No spoilers, but: if Election Night was an unqualified triumph for Selina, it wouldn't be Veep. 2015.06.14S04.E10

You Cannot Tell Me That's Jackie's Hair!

A totally sane argument for why long-running shows should be required to update their opening credits. 2015.05.28

Hale To The Veep

Gary and Selina's relationship is anything but simple, but sometimes Miami Sunburst is all you need. 2015.05.01S04.E03

Watch An Exclusive Clip From Sunday's Season Premiere Of Veep

Someone went through hell to bring it to you. 2015.04.07S04.E01

Outstanding Female Dicks

As Samantha Fox sort of said, dicky girls need love too. 2015.03.25

Black Cop/White Cop, Big Business!

Ranking the fake movies from TV that need to become real motion pictures right damn now. 2015.02.19

Hugh Laurie Is Coming To Veep

Permission to scream 'BRAVO!!!' at an annoyingly loud volume? 2014.11.20

Live From New York Is Back. It's 30% Longer And At Least 20% Better!

Finally, the inside story of Dooneese and "What's Up With That" can be told. In one paragraph apiece, so there's room for nine pages on Stefon. 2014.09.19

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