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Claws Nails Viral Marketing

Desna drums up business for the clinic while proposing commune living to Jenn and making her peace (ish) with Virginia's pregnancy in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of 'Cracker Casserole'! 2018.06.17S02.E02

Claws Adjusts To Life Under New Management

Desna tries to make the best of the new Riva regime with no help from the Hussers in our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP of the Season 2 premiere! 2018.06.10S02.E01

EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP: Claws Scratches Its Way Through Its Season Finale Showdowns

Who lives? Who dies? Who gets kidnapped? And does everyone make it through with all ten acrylics intact?! 2017.11.08S01.E10

Should You Take Netflix's One Day At A Time Remake All At Once?

Norman Lear reimagines the '70s classic with a Latino cast. Is it, like Schneider...super? 2017.01.05S01.E01

Let's Rank The Best Silent Moments From A Silent Movie-Inspired Jane The Virgin

Some actions speak louder than words in this one -- and not only the bits in black and white. 2016.04.25S02.E19

Jane The Virgin's Never Talked To Her Fiancé About Caring For Her Child?

And more not-quite-burning questions sparked by 'Chapter Forty.' 2016.04.18S02.E18

Hail To El Hefe

When The Passions Of Santos tries to bring Rogelio down, El Presidente rises above -- and reaches a new milestone in his relationship with Jane. 2015.02.03S01.E12

Pirate Vs. Pedagogy

When Jane has to choose between a safe job as a teacher or an exciting job in show business, Rogelio has his priorities right in order. 2015.01.27S01.E11

It's A Very Merry Muppets Christmas Movie Is Practically Perfect

The little-seen TV movie is both hilarious and sweet, and gives hope that the Muppets can live on in a changing world. 2013.12.20

And When I Get That Feeling, I Want Sexual Extortion

Devious Maids and Hit The Floor want us to think a lot of people are using leverage to get other people to Do It with them One Last Time. 2013.07.29S01.E06

Let Devious Maids Sneak Onto Your Friday-Night Half-Watch Docket

Marc Cherry and Eva Longoria bring us an anglo telenovela. 2013.07.12S01.E03

The Hijinks Are Coming From Inside The House!

Just what kind of schemes are these subversive ladies hatching? The answer may shock and/or amuse you. 2013.06.21


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