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Does Crashing Deserve An Indefinite Stay On Your Couch?

Another successful comedian chronicles his less-successful beginnings, but is the show's travelogue structure enough to set it apart from the pack? 2017.02.16S01.E01

Dinner For Five Does A Threesome

Of guests, that is -- which, given that one of them is Marilyn Manson, is kind of fitting. 2017.01.20S01.E05

Doc & Darryl: 30 For 30 On The Boy Kings Of Queens

French fries, fidgeting, and how much to read into a Bob Forrest voice-over. 2016.07.15

Love Shows How Not To Date

Ranking real-life friendship and dating no-nos, as demonstrated by the Lovers in S01.E09. 2016.02.25S01.E09

Love's A Little Too Into Its Male Lead

S01.E08 -- a.k.a. 'Closing Title Song' -- is grating for a couple of reasons, and all of them are Gus-related. 2016.02.24S01.E08

Mickey's 'Nice' Friends Bring Out The Best In Each Other On Love

Gus and Bertie end up sitting in a tree in 'The Date,' the fifth episode of Love's first season. 2016.02.23S01.E05

Love Throws A Housewarming Party With A Bar Fully Stocked With Clichés

But that doesn't mean S01.E04 is bad! Chris Huff orders the tropes. 2016.02.22S01.E04

Even If You Hated The Pilot, Try The Second Episode Of Love

The wit and sparkle have arrived! 2016.02.19S01.E02

Is Love Grand?

Judd Apatow, Gillian Jacobs, and Paul Rust launch a new Netflix series. Will it be charming enough to melt your cold, cold heart? 2016.02.19S01.E01

Do Not Girls Gentle Into That Good Night

As Girls announces its end date, we predict some of the characters' finale-fitting faceplants. 2016.01.06

Jordan Peele And Keegan-Michael Key Bring Their Magic To Fargo

And improve it just like they improve every other place they ever go. 2014.05.27S01.E07

Beach, Beach, Beach

Marnie's weekend with her friends isn't the perfect one she planned, but how Girls-y is it? 2014.02.17S03.E07

Revisiting Girls, Your Golden Globe Winner For Best Comedy Series

I heard that it got better after the pilot? But I'm not really seeing it. 2013.01.14S02.E01


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