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Watch Key And Peele Teach You Which Is Which On Late Night

Turns out that's actually pretty complicated. 2016.04.26

It's Still Not Easy Being Green On The Muppets

With someone new pulling the strings, are the Muppets' heads less up their own butts? 2016.02.02S01.E11

Lunch And A (Horror) Show

It's all treats on Mischief Day with haunted house, terrifying fashion, and a scary-movies poll! 2015.10.30

Find Out What Snitches Actually Get In A Preview Of This Week's Key & Peele

Sometimes it's stitches...but sometimes it's pizza! 2015.08.25S05.E08

Watch MC Mom's Latest Banger In A Preview Of Tomorrow's Key & Peele

'Victoria's Secret is she's hiding in your room!' 2015.08.18

Key & Peele Imagines A World Where Teachers And Pro Athletes Have Traded Places

That Ruby Ruhf trading card is only going up in value! 2015.07.28S05.E04

Key & Peele Faces The Kids In The Hall In The Battle Of The Menstruation-Minded Men

Which sketch is more effective in addressing the matter of periods from a male perspective? 2015.07.13S05.E02

Let Key & Peele Teach You How To Handle Terries On A Plane

No? We'll take that as a yes. 2015.07.10S05.E01

Learn About The Damage Profiling Can Do In A Preview From S4 Of Key & Peele

When politicians assume...well, you know how it goes. 2015.06.30

Watch The Newest East West Bowl Player Intros From Key & Peele

Swords Mimetown, may your aim be true. 2015.01.28

Battle Of The Jazz Fights

Bloop! Squonk! Tweeeeeee! Between Key & Peele and Home Movies, who had the best scat fight of all time? 2014.12.04

Drunk History Makes A Case For Jordan Peele To Move Exclusively Into Slurry Lip-Sync

He helps tell the story of groundbreaking scientist Percy Julian, but he does so in the dumbest/awesomest way ever. 2014.07.01S02.E01

Fargo Wraps Up Its Minnesota Manhunt

But did it forget what makes Molly such a super lady? 2014.06.17S01.E10

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