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Westworld Goes Groundhog Day

Get some Delos family values on repeat in our latest EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP! 2018.05.13S02.E04

A Passage To Westworld

As one (maybe two) other parks are revealed, our EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP breaks down Westworld's latest feline attacks, decapitations, and betrayals! 2018.05.06S02.E03

Westworld Is Bound For Glory (Literally)

Dolores shoots a bunch of guys and goes on at least two field trips. Get all the gory details in our latest EPIC OLD-SCHOOL RECAP! 2018.04.29S02.E02

Does Anyone Get Out Of Harlan Alive?

Justified ends its manhunt, and its run, with a few final surprises and some very satisfying departures. 2015.04.14S06.E13

Raylan Heads For The Hills, Along With Everyone Else

Outlaws and lawmen chase each other through the hills in Justified's bloody penultimate episode. 2015.04.07S06.E12

A Hard-Target Search Of Every Gas Station, Residence, Warehouse, Farmhouse, Henhouse, Outhouse, Doghouse, And Mine Rescue Station

Raylan's pursuit of his fugitive begins in earnest and gets very serious very quickly. 2015.03.31S06.E11

Justified Starts Mapping Out The Path To The Finale

And some detours are REALLY unexpected. 2015.03.24S06.E10

Loretta's Ambition Starts Growing Like A...Well, You Know

As Raylan closes in on Boyd, Loretta makes things more complicated. (A snake with its head shot off has something to do with it, too.) 2015.03.17S06.E09

Dinner Party Or Donner Party?

After his ordeal last week, Hannibal decides to get back to feeling like himself by throwing an elegant dinner party! Jack wonders what's on the menu, or rather...who. 2014.04.05S02.E06

It's Been A Slice

Katz is found, Lounds is played, and a shirtless Mads Mikkelsen is a mixed blessing. 2014.03.29S02.E05

Ranking The Terrible Kids Of Parenthood

Parenthood features one of the largest child casts in primetime. Also, some of the very worst kid characters. Let us count the ways! 2014.01.10

Kristina Sees What's At The End Of The Campaign Trail

Just a tiny bit more shaking hands and kissing babies. 2013.11.22S05.E09

Adam Braverman Is A Terrible Husband

And our commentator is getting sick of his crap. 2013.10.04S05.E02

How Long Before Stupid Sarah Gets Back Together With Stupid Hank?

And other not-quite-burning questions sparked by the Season 5 premiere of Parenthood. 2013.09.27S05.E01


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