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Maybe If The Veronica Mars Visual Aids Discreetly Flash Mr. Taser

...at whoever picked out Greg from Felicity's psychedelic shirt. This and all the other important visual moments from 'Drinking The Kool-Aid'! 2017.08.04S01.E09

Remember The Time

Trying to capture ten years and twenty seasons in an hour is tough, but let's give it a shot. 2015.04.29S20.E08

Don't Mess With The Pitbull

Or you'll get a 6. 2014.10.21S19.E08

I Don't Like Mondays

The judges have a case of the Mondays as they trot out low score after low score during partner-swap week. 2014.10.14S19.E07


The stars recall their most memorable years, and luckily for the audience, Alfonso's involves doing The Carlton Dance. 2014.10.07S19.E06

Movie Magic

The couples pay tribute to famous movies, but for legal reasons, some come closer than others. 2014.09.30S19.E05

The A to Z of DWTS

Absolutely breathtaking choreographed dancing exists…oh, forget it. Kim had this whole alphabet thing going, but that's more effort than anyone else put into this episode. 2014.09.24S19.E04

All About That Bass

The judges work hard to level the playing field by praising last week's flops and critiquing last week's frontrunners. 2014.09.23S19.E03

Now With Extra Padding

It's a good thing the network eliminated separate results shows other than this week, because man, is this episode filled with the filleriest of filler. 2014.09.17S19.E02

Move Over, Fresh Prince

There's a new dancer from Bel Air, and it's not Will Smith. A new season launches with the same old glitter and production gaffes, and a new judge. 2014.09.16S19.E01


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